H1 'Desolator' Torpedo [Module]


I saw this image and immediately knew that this had to be made real.

Destroyers have several options for weaponry, but for some reason they still don’t have a good bunker buster. A solid MOAB. A true “Nuke” if you will. They need this and need it bad. Below is a brief description of what I see this module being:



Name : H1 ‘Desolator’ Torpedo

Type : Destroyer Active Module

Damage : Insanely high, decreasing with distance from the center of the explosion. Insta-kill with a direct hit.

Explosion Radius : Absolutely massive. (1,500m or there about.)

Flight range : 20,000m

Flight speed : 1,000mps

Turning speed : 20deg/s

Recharge : Extremely slow (180s or greater.)

Durability : High

Tooltip : This platform constructs a massive warhead on demand that the pilot can control to deal incredible damage. Upon activation, the ship becomes visible to all ships for 10 seconds while it constructs the torpedo. Once the torpedo is complete, it stays attached to the platform until the user fires it. While it is attached, it can be damaged by enemies and destroyed, dealing severe damage to the destroyer. After firing, the pilot’s view moves to that of the warhead, and they can control the movement and speed of the torpedo for a long time. A third activation will fire the warhead in the current direction, increasing its speed by 2x. A fourth activation will detonate the warhead in place, instantly destroying any enemy within a small radius, and dealing great damage in a wide radius. The torpedo can be shot down while in flight.


Firing sequence

1: Build the Torpedo

2: Fire/control the torpedo

3: Full-send the torpedo

4: Detonate the warhead.

Why not, amirite?