Guides - Requests

I’ve created this thread for those who’d like to request a guide. ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


On the list right now:


  1. guide for Prometheus Fire - Requested by USSChewbacca
  2. guide for Custom Battles - requested by Orca1911
  3. guide for Fire Contract - don’t recall who requested that…
  4. guide for mining in open space (I’m gathering data about what resources drop in what areas)
  5. adding info to the “how to level your mods fast and free” - this requires premium ships to do, but Gaijin / Stargem give away free premium ships often from broker missions, so it’s still free.  also adding in data for each rank of mods so you know exactly how many runs you need to do to level that mod.



  1. UI and game settings adjustments 2017.8.9


Feel free to add to the list by commenting below!

And when you die, remember to scream.  (no, seriously.  try it sometime after that tai’kin blew you up for the 7th time in a match.)

  1. Ion Emitter, Focusing Lens, Fire Storm, Aiming  Overcharge, Engine Overcharge, Combat Reboot, Nanocomposite Alloy, Tetraoxide Injector, Impulse Discharger, Asynchronous Shield Projector, Reinforced Ribs, Em-Insulation, Infrared Scanner x3


  1. Dreadnought Debris: Vanadium, Crystal Shard