Guide to ‘Trade System’


At last, our game universe sees a completely new feature that allows you to acquire rare materials from other players and earning GS. We suggest you take the opportunity to fill your account with Galactic Standards using the new feature of trade between players.

Explore the galactic market in Star Conflict!




1. Currently, products available for trade can be seen in a separate window, which opens when you activate the ‘Trade’ chat.

2. Players with at least 200 battles can engage in trading.

3. Established the minimum and maximum sale price.

4. UMC sets the tax at 10% of the traded amount for each transaction.This is the price for the work of couriers and UMC Trade Manager.

5. The number of transactions per day is limited to 5 per day:

- Each completed transaction reduces the counter.

- A posted message with goods also reduces the counter. If the buyer does not buy the goods within the allotted time, the transaction is automatically cancelled and the counter is increased.

- The number of possible transactions resets at 00:00 GMT

6. In a single transaction you can only up to 3 products.




To sell something you need to find it first. Goods can be found among trophies in open space with the help of a spatial scanner or in post-battle trophy search. In trophy search you can sometimes find a valuable container, available for purchase for 200 Iridium in the store. The container is only available for three hours, so do not forget to visit the game store. The container contains 5 random items that you can use or sell.




Next to the chat button there is now a ‘Trade’ button that opens a chat tab with active trade, as well as a window with items that you can offer to other players. In this window the products distributed in several groups:

- Weapon systems - shows your existing blueprints for Mk.5 weapon upgrades;

- Active modules - shows your existing blueprints for upgrading modules to Mk.5 and pirate module blueprints;

- Ship modifiers - shows your existing ship modifier blueprints such as ‘Crystal plates’;

- Components - shows the components that you can sell.


Each product has an ‘Attach’ button, and pressing it sends a link to the product to trade chat. If you hover over the link, you can see the characteristics of what you are selling.





To sell a product, the seller must write a letter to the buyer through the in-game mail system. There’s a new button ‘Attachment’ that you click to attach a product, indicate its price, and the system will calculate your tax on the transaction and display the amount you get. For example, if you specify the price of 1000 Galactic Standards, the tax will be 100 GS. Once the buyer confirms the deal, his account will be charged with the amount indicated by the seller, and the item will be available in the storage. At the same time the seller will receive GS for the sale minus the tax.