Guide to Star Conflict (W.I.P.)

Guide to Star Conflict


This is going to be my guide of the ins and outs of everything I’ve learned in my time playing Star Conflict I will keep adding to it slowly. This will be as exhaustive a guide as I can make it so I hope this is helpful.




The Essential Stuff

Factions & Their Traits




Understanding the HUD

The Ship Tree





The Essential stuff –


When you first get into the game you will be greeting with a choice of faction, this will dictate the station you are docked at to start with. When docked at the station you will be able to do cotracts for that faction that get you loyalty , this will allow you to upgrade your weapons, modules and active modules further which I’ll get onto later. There isn’t any direct corrolation between what loyalty upgrades so just choose whatever you want. Once you have done this you will get into the hanger, and the first thing you want to do is go to the Ships tab at the top of the screen. For now you will want to choose your kind of ship.


Factions & Their Traits


There are 3 factions in Star Conflict, the Empire, Jericho and the Federation.


Federation –


The Federation (my personal favourite) are fast ships, their survival over other factions will strongly depend on their agility combined with their respective role’s abilities.

Not only this but often a missed trait is higher Energy Capacitor Size, and Energy Capacitor Regeneration Speed. The Feds have better hulls in general but due to their better capacitors they will have strong active module survivability. Until you get mid to later game stick with focusing on hull survivability. Also anything Energy Related almost always requires Federation Loyalty to uprgrade to Mk.3

They have access to the following roles: Covert Ops(Main Tree), Recon(Side Tree), Gunship**(Side Tree), Tackler(Main tree), Guard(Side Tree) and finally Engineer(Main Tree)**

To sum up. The playstyle of this faction can be either very aggressive, supportive and is always very active. You will always be doing something with either movment or Active Modules .

If you are very competetive or like speed, this is the faction for you .

Their faction weapon type of choice is EM


Jericho –


The Jericho are ruthless. Their ships will be more tanky and slower then the Federation. They have strong shields, do not ever use repair kits or Nanocomposite Coating.

Anything Shield related is almost always requires Jericho Loyalty to upgrade to Mk.3

They have access to the following roles: ECM(Main Tree), Covert Ops(Side Tree), Tackler (Side Tree), Command(Main Tree), Long Range(Side Tree) and Guard(Main Tree)

Uuuuhhhh… Yeah I’ve run out of things to say…

Their faction weapon type of choice is Kinetic (love these bad boys)


Empire –


The Empire are a force to be rekoned with. They are the slowest ships on the battlefield, but this is more then made up for with their ability to take damage , and dish out damage.

All Empire ships have a modifier that increases their Main Weapon Damage depending on ship role. Their hulls are incredibly tanky. With these ships worry less about agility and more about lasting long, and dealing out as much damage as possible. Anything Hull relateted generally requires Empire Loyalty

They have access to the following roles: ECM(Side Tree), Recon(Main Tree), Gunship(Main Tree), Command(Side Tree), Long Range(Main Tree) and Engineer(Side Tree)

If you want surpression and damage , this is the faction for you.

Their faction weapon type of choice is Thermal


Once you’ve chosen what faction you want to follow, click the banner at the top of the Ships Tab, and buy your ship.


Understanding the HUD –


Ok so now you should’ve gotten started. The most important thing about this game is understanding the HUD, and the infomation it gives you.

In the very centre is your Neutral Marker , when you put your mouse within the centre of these 2 lines your ship will cease rotation. Idealing you shouldn’t really be using these because you will want to be constantly aiming or moving. Where your mouse cursor would normally be you have a Reticule, this tells you where yours weapons and/or modules will be aiming, sometimes the turret will lag behind and you must wait for a bit before firing. Surrounding your reticule is your Weapon Heat Ring  this visually displays how long you have until the weapon overheats and how long until your weapon cools down. Also around the Reticule is your Weapon Spread Ring, this will visually display where you shots have a chance of going depending on your… well weapon spread. To the right of the neutral marker will be a Yellow and Light Blue Bar , the yellow bar stands for how much Hull you have left. The light blue bar stars for how much Shield you have left. There will be 2 numbers beneath those bars that gives you the exact figures. To the Left of the neutral marker is a White Bar. This shows how much energy you have remaining to the left of that is another Light Blue Bar which tells you your speed, there is 2 bars, one at the top that tells you your max speed without afterburner or “controlling effect pull”. There is another nearer the bottom that tells you neutral speed, 0. Anything below is reversing. Again they both have numbers below them. To the Left Edge of the Screen there is a Group/Wing/Room UI that will tell you about allies. Eh… Something something something… Minimap in the top right hand corner… Ah, at the bottom of the screen is your Modules and Weapons Systems this will tell you what you have. the Ammunition left for missiles and how many ships your modules will effect. Ammunition and effected ships as a number at the bottom of every module or missile slot. Each module and missile slot item (sometimes main weapons) will have a loading type thing that tells you how long you have until you can use said missile slot item, module or main weapon again. On the left a mini-combat log will tell you about object and ship destruction and by who. At the top of the HUD will show any debuffs and buffs you have on you. Along with implant/emergency barrier cooldown timer. In the bottom left i s what everybody uses, the chat. Yeah it’s pretty standard. In the top right hand corner of the window is your eye that I don’t know what it does anymore, persistant chat maybe? Chat size of the chat window, and close the chat window (in that order). At the top is open tabs, what chats you can talk in basically.


The Ship Tree –


The Ship Tree is split into 2 main sections, main and side. There are 3 main trees and 3 side trees for each faction. 1 for Intecepter, Fighter and Frigate, agian, for each faction. The main tree will have branches comming off them to their side trees and occasionally side to main. They also will have that ship role going all the way from rank 2-3 to rank 15. Each ship needs a certain synergy level with the preveious ship to unlock the ability to buy it. Premium ships (paid) do not apply to this, but still need to be within 3 ranks of your highest ranking ship for that faction. And for manufacturable ships you need to meet a rank requirment




There are 3 different types of weapon damage, Kinetic, EM and Thermal. By _ default _ Kinetic is strong against Hulls and weak against shields. EM is strong against shields and weak against hulls. Thermal is alright against both. There is also something called Blast damage , which means the weapon will deal damage in a specified blast radius (AoE [Area of Effect]). Weapons have a projectile velocity that determines how fast they will travel. This means that with most weapons you will have to lead your target as indicated by the HUD. This will look like a circle with a dotted line, in front of your target. Guided missiles will have a manuevering speed that determines the angle at which the missile can turn during each second of travel. All weapons have a max range , no matter what when the projectile reaches this treshold it will automatically detonate. Most weapons will have a little bit of spread, where the projectiles go randomly in a cone of fire (CoF).


Tips for weapons and ships of choice


As a general rule you want to have one of each specification of ship. I consider these ships, Tank, Armour-Piercing. Anti-Intercepter, (basically anything that’s a fast mover). Objective and Support. When you start out it will work as follows.

Recon = Objective

Covert Ops = Armour-Pericing

ECM = Support

Tackler = Armour-Pericing/Support

Gunship = Armour-Percing

Command = Support

Guard = Anti-Intercepter/Tank

LRF = Armour-Peircing/Support

Engineer = Anti-Intercepter/Support

Destroyer = Anti-Intercepter/Armour-Peircing/Support (Does absolutley abismil at objective and can only access at rank 8)


When you start having to make decisions on modules you will need to start matching them to ship type. Your tanks want high shield ressistences and regen, high hull ressistences and lot’s of regeneration/repair modules.






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