Guard "Trajectory Shock Beam" Module

Similar to the concept of the Anomaly Generator, but deals sh… loads of Kinetic damage.

Deals 51,029 Kinetic damage to a target within 5,000m range. Shock impact disables the target for 10 seconds. Blast radius 75m.

Takes 3 seconds to charge. While the beam is charging, the module absorbs 31,603 shield points from the host ship. If the host runs out of shield points, it will engage a critical battery override and selfdestruct.

Consumes 581 energy points. Takes 96 seconds to recharge.


I like the idea but the numbers are way out of whack. Howabout this:


Deals kinetic damage proportional to 75% of the user’s shield volume. It absorbs this portion of shield while charging for 3 seconds before firing.


This way, it will not deal too much, but will still drain a great proportion of the shield. The self-destruct thing is silly.

31k shields lost for ever? my patriarch gets like 34-36k shield volume with 1 shield splitter…its like self shield havoc xD no thanks. Guard tanking not only comes from volume, it also comes from resists.