Guard "Trajectory Shock Beam" Module

Similar to the concept of the Anomaly Generator, but deals sh… loads of Kinetic damage.

Deals 51,029 Kinetic damage to a target within 5,000m range. Shock impact disables the target for 10 seconds. Blast radius 75m.

Takes 3 seconds to charge. While the beam is charging, the module absorbs 31,603 shield points from the host ship. If the host runs out of shield points, the host ship will selfdestruct.

Consumes 581 energy points. Takes 06 seconds to recharge.


I dunno, that blast radius is awfully small. How about 1500m instead?

It’s supposed to be used for one type of ship. Even 1k is too wide spread.


Can someone lock this thread and keep it to the other one. Sorry, this was a double post…