Guard Frigate shield rebalance

Currently all ships have a base resistance on their shields which is 30 kinetic, -30 EM, and 0 thermal. The guard frigate however, has -30 to all of these base numbers effectively giving them the worst shield resistance in the game. This was a balancing feature for it’s special module and I get why it was done. But I don’t get why it still needs to be a thing, especially with the addition of destroyers.

My suggestion:

  1. Bring Guard Frigate base shield resist up to the standard amount.

  2. Reduce phase shield amount by 30 resist to balance the change. +90 resist instead of 120. +120 instead of 150 for the Ronin special module.

The result will allow the ship to obtain the same max amount of resist as it normally would when using phase shield. The difference would be slightly more resists for the other 2 types of damage your phase shield isn’t covering. I feel this change would still keep the special module viable and it will put all ships on the same standard for shield resists.

Comments are welcomed, what do you think?

EDIT: I forgot about command and tackler classes having resistances that are higher than the base standard. So take that into account when I mentioned “all ships”.

I personally think that they are fine as-is, if not need a little buff in all aspects. Though I’d like to see how this would change how guards are played in battle.

You’re at least 1 year late. They were like that during the frigball era and then decided to nerf them to their current status and increase phase shield resistance and add damage boost to it. The phase was weaker back then.

I’m against it. If you can play it right, you have double or even triple of your shield strength.

For this you have to pay with a lower amount if you don’t play/adept correctly.

Your suggestion lower the skill benefit and just reward lazy/not so skilled play.

So no to this suggestion.

I also disagree with this suggestion. The phase shield promotes skill-based play because players must pay attention to the type of incoming damage and decide accordingly what type to set their shield to. Raising baseline resists and lowering the shield’s effect dampens this.


Also, the shield used to give +150 resist, but was nerfed for no stated reason back in 1.2. Or was it 1.1? Terrible shame, at any rate.