Gryphus Tech Corporation [GTC]





Gryphus Tech Corporation is opening it’s Dakra Division in Star Conflict!  We are a PC gaming community based in the game Warframe, but also operate divisions in Call of Duty, Dark Souls, Dota 2, Path of Exile, Planetside 2, Rift, Roblox and others.  We have been looking to expand for a while now and have decided on Star Conflict as our next game.  Currently the corporation limit stands at 20 but we are willing to increase that with enough interest.  Gryphus Tech is affiliated with the Federation and we will hopefully have a sector soon.  If you would like to join GTC, please visit our website at and register.  Star Conflict discussion, help, and strategy is welcome, especially from experienced players since we are just now establishing ourselves without any veteran members.  If looking to join, please post in both this thread and the sign-up thread on our website, since that is where most activity goes on.  We look forward to new members in our community!


TeamSpeak server

Gryphus Tech Corporation hosts its own TeamSpeak 3 server at

Feel free to hop on and say hello.

Hello, I’m new to Star Conflict as well and looking for a Federation corporation to upset the current sector balance :slight_smile: Feel free to add me in game and check my profile. I play mostly with Engineer Frigates and score above 1200 DSR but over the last week I’ve been trying to upgrade some fighter classes to higher tiers and it’s not fun when you play with a rank 3 fighter against a rank 7 ship :expressionless: Hopefully this will be worth the effort.

Sector conquest would require rank 7 ships and above.  Taking a rank 7, or any T3 ship would not be recommended.

Hey, I’m a Warframe player (same IGN) and I would like to join this corp. I’m not rank 7 yet, but I’m working my way up.  My K/D ration is about average, I usually run distractions with my interceptor.

Hey i’m with Slendy just above me. He and I were looking for a Corp to join and we found this one. I also play Warframe as well as COD and Planetside 2. Just on the edge of being Tier 4. I like to go heavy and long range.

Sounds good, I will invite all of you as soon as I get a chance.  Unfortunately I am on Christmas break right now so it probably won’t be till January, but be looking for Matoro6 or Ac3NinjaX as soon as one of us gets a chance.  Also make sure to register at our website