Green Arrows for Squadmates

A quick alteration to the in-game HUD that would greatly benefit squad play is the addition of green arrows for squad members with the regular blue arrows for the rest of the team.


This has probably been included in another comprehensive HUD remake thread, but for simplicity’s sake, I feel it deserves its own thread.

cannot upvote enough.

Am i the only one confusing it with the red-outlined white arrow when enemies are in firing range ? This should be implemented for team. Squad can be different tone of green if you want.

Yes please. I need more methods of quickly locating and identifying my own squad mates.

Was already proposed once, very much for it.

Would be great

me want nao

Great idea!

I would like this as well.

This would be nice. Along side an enemy arrow that doesn’t turn white when near because it practically disappears based on what you may be looking at. Unless thats intended?

And a gold one for captains?

And a gold one for captains?

 Oh nice, maybe it glows a bit or the yellowish tone would easily blend into the white. Or looks kinda metallic and thicker.

Yeah, that would awesome. 

Completely agree 110%