Grappling Hook [Module]

The primitive module that is rarely found in drops from pirates:

Name: Grappling Hook

Type: Multipurpose Active Module (Or ship special)

Ranks: 6-15

Range: 2,500m

Projectile speed: 3,000m/s

Energy: None, is mechanical, duh.

Cooldown: 12-8 seconds Mk1-Mk4

Tooltip; Launches a sharp harpoon at your crosshairs that will pierce any target hit and drag you to each other at a maximum speed of 180m/s until they break line of sight or escape the chain’s range. The hit deals 1,800 Kinetic damage. The effect stacks for each grappling hook attached to the target.

The graphic would be that of a harpoon being fired, followed by a long chain. Upon missing, the chain would pull the harpoon back to the ship before it can be fired again.

Just seems like a really cool idea. Imagine a group of pirates all attacking a caravan, and they each launch a hook in to him once at a time until he is slowly dragged back and ultimately killed by them. It’s just a cool cinematic to think about. Imagine that one movie with Wolverine where the ninjas stick a ton of grapple arrows in him to stop him.

The new and improved Super-Tow 9000 Tractor Beam:

Name: Tractor Beam

Type: Multipurpose Active Module

Ranks: 8-15

Range: 2,500m

Energy consumption: 30/s

Cooldown: 12-8 seconds Mk1-Mk4

Tooltip: In line of sight, attaches a rainbow beam of energy to your target and drags both of you to each other at a maximum speed of 200m/s until you break line of sight or escape the beam’s range. The effect stacks for each beam attached to the target.

Lol, i’m sorry just this idea made my day, +10000

I thought it was a pretty cool idea too.


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Well, although it sounds awesome, i dont like that idea. We already have stuff to “catch” ships. Think ECM, tacklers or recon slowing missiles. And just imagine a bubble gunship with that harpoon on your tail!

I played another game (like a mini/tiny game) that is about spaceships. You build the spaceships. There’s a grappling hook equipment in it. Used to grab other ships/asteroids.

gimbal had it;


also reminds of serenity, and the fight of the inner planet alliance against the reavers


however i am not sure if it fits into SC; nor if their physics system would support this without jittering. and if it werent too unfair if you could just pull people around, since movement is your main “freedom”.


I know I love grappling hooks; my favourite tool in ark. grapple tree, hang around, snipe dinos, like Batman. In the future. On an artificial island. Smokegrenade. Poof, I’m outta here.

Grapples would work perfectly fine. We already have anomalies that alter your movement seamlessly. The only problem is effect time and cancellation which is why it should be LoS.

I like this idea, but I would alter it in this way:


Size and opposing thrust matters.


It makes no sense to me to have an interceptor literally pulling a frigate his direction. That would be like a mouse pulling a dog.


So either a simple class requirement for its effect or actual physics (mass, inertia, etc) would need to be taken into account.


For it to be completely realistic would of course mean an inty could fire it at a destroyer if he wanted, but all it would do is pull the inty closer to the destroyer - not the other way around.


Now, on that note, perhaps it would be a more useful thing for larger ships to “catch” smaller ships. But the smaller ships would also need a way of breaking free - shooting the tether, enabling some kind of “break free” module, etc.


Additionally, if it’s a proper metal tether, then you have to render a hard object in space that’s moving - which is probably one reason they’ve stuck to light beams with the other modules (tackler, ECM, etc)


Great idea though. Just think it requires some more thought and input from everyone.





I agree with LIBERTY. This module could be used by heavier classes to catch and hold smaller ships close to them to torture them. There should be a way to get away from the hook though.

Tackle modules, slowing field missiles, MPI, xxxx xxxx gravi destroyer thingy… Is this not enough?

I should probably specify more clearly what I meant.

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What I meant is that it drags you both to each other at a rate, not just one dragging the other.

Also Lib, the metal chain is simply asthetics.

Also Lib, the metal chain is simply asthetics.

Yeah, I figured as much.


But, from a realism perspective, if you were to fly into a metal chain, it should affect your ship. Passing through a metal chain in the same way that one passes through the present light-based tackling beam is unrealistic. Thus the reason I brought it up.


Also, 2500 m of metal chain would be enormous when one starts to think about a chain strong enough to pull a spacecraft - spun around a gimble. That would be huge and incredibly heavy in real life.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about this game it’s that it has complete disregard for realism.

Also, it requires line of sight so hitting the chain would “break” it requiring it to be re-spun and re-fired.

By the way, why not just a tractor beam instead of a grappling hook on a chain? What year are we in here? 1404? XD

Grappling hooks sounds better. Though there could be another version that is obviously superior called the “tractor beam” for those snobs out there.

I’m a snob. I’ll take the rainbow tractor beam with added accelerator capabilities, and little stars on the side



Awesome. I’ll get to it then.

Awesome. I’ll get to it then.


thx  :santa: