Google Translate + SC = feelin' international

So i got some friends in my list, one of them is russian and doesn’t speak english. There are probably more out there in this situation, let’s say Nova corp for one - just happened to read their corp’s description in the forums - who say they have 80% russians and the rest international players.


To communicate to each other in non-common languages we run to a copy-paste spree of chat logs, google translate and other translation websites to see what the other said or to tell them something in their own language so we can talk - this is especially bad when some sites like google don’t support translating from english to russian into russian characters (for this i use - top right corner you can switch language).


The idea is a built-in-chat translator, plain and simple, to be able to type in your language or any other and post your message into the receiver’s language. Probably not to get way busy with it is to collaborate with a translation site? It would be hard to start from pure scratch, which i think would be the biggest ‘no’.


So far my friends agreed with the idea, so i’m relaying this on the forums. I don’t know of any other game out there to have this feature, so it would probably be a first.

It is a nice idea, but sadly most translators are not efficient when it comes to translate sentences or bigger texts.

I know it’s a harder thing to do, already got experience with awful translations and translators having me to look and re-look at the resulted translation before using it, however it would definitely be a bridge between players of different nations.

Even if someone copy-pastes a somewhat derpy translation for me to read i’m sure i could understand what they meant. Of course, to avoid certain mistakes where words would be very mixed it will probably just take some getting-used-to so that players would use more simple sentences instead of text-walls to talk. I mean, c’mon, how many ppl r using shortcuts to speak thru messengers and other chats and still understand each other? At least that’s my logic, translators are derpy but still useful :stuck_out_tongue:

I for one would accept that handicap without a problem.

if we could copy and paste everyones chat text, we could use google translate from the steam browser while in game

A bad translation is better than “I hope me and you are thinking the same thing.”