~Golden Missions~

I propose a new set of missions hosted by yet another mysterious figure; the “Insider”. You can call him whatever you want.

Anyways, the missions will be extremely difficult (non-escort) missions that involve picking up, travelling to, and planting a bomb on a particular target in OS. Or maybe to eliminate a certain number of pilots via a certain way. Another mission variant would be to destroy certain pirate or alien strongholds across various maps in OS.

The missions would be doable, but require lots of time and skill. Their rewards would be Galactic Standards in the form of a free “Treasure Chest” bundle in the store. The Treasure Chest bundle would be buyable for 10,000,000 credits without doing the mission, and would drop 50-250GS, as well as have a secondary chance of granting one day of license.

In accordance with this bundle addition, the “Lucky Container”'s price would be reduced to 750,000 credits, as it is actually anything but lucky.


This would give players an indirect method of obtaining premium items, as well as balance out the market slightly.