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Hello Mercenaries.


Im trying to bring Star Conflict to the next level with Sponsored Gaming.

To start of with this i decided to accept a small group up to 10 players.

Now alot of people are thinking “hey in what way can i abuse this?” my answer not coz i dont pay up in front.

You play first to the agreed amount of time and after that i’ll pay my side of the agreement.

Am i trustful or can i be trusted. well i dunno i’ve already got some players in this system that can proof im a man of my word.

Now if your interested or want to know more of this, contact me in person on the SC forum or message me ingame (ingame name : xevilxGodlike)

Where can i sign up ? : http://god-gaming.forumotion.com/

One’s you made an account over there, u will still see nothing.
I need to place you in the group of Sponserd gaming befor you can see the Forum where to apply.

sponsored Gaming :

By joining us for sponsored gaming u need to have a paypall account.
At the moment i can only offer 5€ each munth, to each player.
There or 2 ways of sponsored gaming so u have to select one :

A1. True monthly donation for your gaming time.
A2. True DLC’s and add-on’s

way of paymenth:

A1. From the moment u registrated, u play a month and at the END of the month u get your donation true paypall.
A2. After playing 2 months u will recieve a DLC / ADD-on that u selected.


Cancelling the sponsored gaming :

I and u can cancel this (at any time, and any day,) for any reason !!
This is not an abligation but a sponcering.
This is not a Company, but me (+evil+Godlike) Donating u for your Gaming time, loyalty & trust in GoD-Gaming.
From the moment 1 of us cancels, the sponsoring will contiue untill the end of the month.

How to Cancel ?

Just Edit your official post, and state in the that u whant it canceld.
Or in case the admin wud cancel it. He will type “Sponsering Ended” in your post and edit it.


How to sign up ? :

U state your game and ingame name + Steam and Skype names / contacts.
So i can add u to are Skype Group and also add u on steam for better communication.
and in what way u want sponcership. (A1 or A2).


Applying for Sponcership A1.

Star Conflict : Frost0O8
Skype : Mr Frost
Steam : FrostZero O8

When u did the post, the admin will Edit your post with “approved” on it.
from that moment on its official and your time starts from that moment.