Global Chat

Dear all


due to the new chat system please think about this:


Stay with a global englisch channel and replace the Battle Log with the specific language chat.


Battle Log is not really used a lot and anyway saved on your PC.


The Language Chat could be in a different colour, like the Corp chat so you can see both of them


happy to discuss


We need more chats for specific lenguages.

Yes that might be right tooo. Also there have been added some @ last patch. But there should also be 1 Chat (GlobalChat) For all Pilots. Also the Sepicif language chat should bee seen in there… likle you can see the corp in global atm.



With only global or specific language there will be a problem soon.


I would reccomend to add one more chat tab.that we have Global| Specific Language| Corp|Squad



it would make sense to see the international chat and the specific language chat.

Yes , good idea Vecrox.


mfg Verno

I think we Need a global - international Chat - for all pilots and then the specific Chats for each languages.


It would be best if i could decide by myself which Kind of Chat i like.


But this chatsystem now is not good. i fly with international pilots but i cannot Chat with them  - except pm

also i and my corp mates also would love to do it like corp and global but with german and global … different colour and always visible