Give us Feedback: New Camera

Ok new patch came out, and by the look there are many interesting things. Thats very cool’n’stuff, but what’s the deal with the zoom? I feel like my face is sticked in a monitor, and have no vision whatsoever. I played 3 matches, and realized, that I cant play like this at all. It’s quite uncomfortable feeling when 1/3 from screen is my own ship. Is this some sort of “cool” feature, or someone thought, that would bring more immersion in ship role, or what else is the deal? TBH my head even hurts from that zoom.

I hope It is just something they overlooked and will fix soon because I feel the same way, With this and the nerf to the engineer frigates I feel like a floating target. 

i dont mind the nerf for engi frigs, as it was pretty much required… I personally mostly flied engie frigs, but not because i liked them, but because they were IMO most viable ship choice.

But this zoom is totally other thing. I feel physically uncomfortable playing game now.

I have the same problem. It’s painful trying to play with the camera so close. It’s like playing Call of Duty; you can only see about four inches either side of your crosshairs!

Yep…I was looking forward to my free day to play but with a cam like this…can’t do it.


Please, please fix this before tomorrow!



Agreed with those above.


I can no longer zoom out enough to fly a frigate.


The little ships are still playable, but this change has made the game less fun.

it feels more like flying ships now, i didnt liked it at the first flys, but im fine with this zoom look now, just fix Machete and Strong with 8/9 minefields xD

Play like this in intercepotor is just impossible. You need a clean vision to fly in high speed, and turn to avoid objects and position yourself to shot. But the camera is just focused on you, prevent you see the surrounds



The camera view needs to be changed back. Flying Frigates now is a horrible experience.

I agree. FIX it. Or add a function to zoom OUT

agreed, this is probably the worst camera option they could have come up with. Either give us cockpit view or a wide 3rd person view, but not this.


I’m assuming they think this is more immersive or tactical or other balance reasons, but whatever the reasoning is, it’s wrong. It was fine as it was, could have even been wider, IMO.

Zoom in more, then ur vision is almost clear.

We just got a new patch for the camera.

Could you please describe for which ship types you dislike the camera view?

We just got a new patch for the camera.

Could you please describe for which ship types you dislike the camera view?


All of them. We could zoom in just fine if we wanted to with the old camera system. We don’t need to be forced into a ‘close chase’ camera style.

What the hell happened with taht camera… ? Is there any reasonable reason to do such a thing…? Was anyone requiring that…?

Zoom is absolutely too close up…Put it the way it was before…It’s too close even with fighters (not played with inty yet) but with frig is a thing i don’t like at all…A palyer should be able to see the whole of his own ship at least…and tihs is not possible at all with frigs :frowning:

Hey there all!

We are aware of the camera on fregates and are preparing to install a hot fix for the camera.

You’ve somehow managed to make Space! / The visible universe! feel claustrophobic. Quite an accomplishment tbh.

Could you please describe for which ship types you dislike the camera view?


All of them are terribly zoomed in. That and your zoom settings are not remembered if you get into free view, use desintegrator / torpedo or respawn. Previously game kept track of this just fine, so what happened?

I really, really do not like having to view the game from between the tail fins of a Frigate. I want to pull back so far that I can see the majority of the battlefield, and then zoom in if I need superior accuracy. The new camera is not so bad with fighters as their models are smaller, but Frigates wind up taking up a huge chunk of the screen and this creates a sizeable blindspot.


We need to be able to zoom out about 3x as far as we currently can on Frigates. Being able to zoom at least 2x as far on all other ships would be nice as well.

We just got a new patch for the camera.


I’d be really interested to hear WHY the devs thought it necessary to patch the old camera view - I don’t remember reading player complaints about it, so why did you try to fix that which wasn’t broken ?


Seeing how there are a lot of valid concerns the community has voiced in the past, I suggest you’d rather try to make patches for those instead of patching things we were happy with.

Ever since the loyalty nerf patch, every single patch seems to include some things noone asked for but which annoy players.