Give us back destroyer modules

We shouldn’t have to grind for all eternity and pray to RNGesus(who hates me like no other being in existance) that we get the parts from a stupid box, that is bought with a stupid type of currency, that you in your “infinite wisdom”*coughs* decided to implement.  I worked my xxxx off for the destroyer, it should come with the option to buy the modules and weapons, not craft them individually, AGAIN.  I had a R8 before you made that stupid change.  now that I have a R11, i can see why ppl stopped bothering with this game even more.  


And as for how the tiers work for weapons/modules themselves, it’s dumb.


Here’s a suggestion:  once you get a module/weapon crafted at a tier, you should have the ability to BUY the OTHER tiers as well, since you’ve already crafted one before.

I know this goes above and beyond your comprehension levels, due to your inability to see past $$$ signs, but you should really think about changing how it currently is.  You will slowly(and ever increasingly) loose more and more players with your current ways of thinking.

It’s a bug.


You misunderstand.  we should not HAVE to FIND all this crap for things like the meson cannon, if we already HAVE them from BEFORE the forced blueprint farm updates.


And on top of that, we should NOT have to find MORE blueprints, and MORE parts, for the next tier of them(ex: I have Meson cannon 11 for R8-11 already from a R8 destroyer.  By all Common sense and Logic, I SHOULDN’T have to get a “new” blueprint, and find NEW parts for the T4 cannon, because the knowledge on how to construct said weapon is already there already, and I should just be able to buy it with credits.) Same goes for when you build from any of the tiers: once you build it in any of the tiers, then any tier above/below should be buyable with credits only, not force us to spend more impossible to farm materials on it.