Give crafted ships premium status

The repair costs for things like CovOps and LRF and those ships meant for the heat of battle are extremely high in some cases. Also the fact that we put so much effort (or money) in to these should make them worth more than passive slots.

I suggest giving crafted ships premium status.

inb4 “no”, this was suggested few times already. While it could be nice, I personally don’t think they should. Prem ships give a coal for servers and convenience (pay4grindLess), while SP ships allow you freedom in configuration giving much more power than prems.

The whole point is use that configuration for own style and don’t die too much to not get negative credits in the end. Or buy prem ship, with slots that could not suit your style, and forget about repair fees.

It has already been stated that they are not premium ships.

Then make them “Platinum” ships or something similar which gives similar bonuses such as the single duplication and free repairs. You don’t need to use the word premium to define these beasts.

I have to agree with RobWasHere and Error. These are expensive ships that offer an excellent performance, but the cost of that is translated in high repairs (not to mention how expensive is to build them). These ships are like luxury assets: if you want something really good, pay for it. RL example: a Mercedes is insanely expensive in all means, people who can afford it still pay for it…my kraken/jaguar are my Mercedes in SC and i can afford them (actually i do a lot of profit from them).