Give a penalty for tanker ships

Well, if you want build a speed ship you receive somes heavy penalty as reduction of shield resistence, energy reactor, hull and etc.

If you want build a ship with great hull size you loose speed


But if you load your ship with resistance (armors, shields, passive mods) have no drawback.


My sugestion is put some disadvantage when utilizing resit ships like reduction in maneuver, fire power etc.

Maneuverability is reduced a lot.

Why fly a slow ship if it can’t bring the dps your looking for with it? Why would you fly it if the reason for its existence is wiped? :slight_smile:


If you utilize all of the down-sides with frigates you’ll notice that they are not so hard to bring down ^^


Here are some tips:

  • Stay behind a frigate at all times, it doesn’t have any rear guns, as it turns very slowly.
  • Stay out of it’s pulsar range.
  • Switch back and forth between your 2 damage types to see which deals the most damage per hit. (Use weapon mods)
  • Use at least Mk2 modules, they are worth getting if you are looking to do something.
  • Try to sneak up on them, you are more likely to have them confused if they are not ready.
  • A good frigate pilot will want to brawl you, be careful not to be stuck in its propulsion inhibitor. Also do not burn straight into a frigate.
  • Interceptors are great against frigates.
  • Use missiles if possible.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

i not talking about frigates, i talking about fighter with agilit and tank and firepower status.


And no, You no have mobilty redudction.


Look my setup:



I have many penalty for be a speed ship


Now look the resist mods



You can go tanker and no have any drawback

My bad, been so many hate threads on frigates around that I read your post wrong. =/


Interceptors are way faster than fighters when it comes to max speed, acceleration and the inertia modifiers by default.

Interceptors can fit similar modules as well.

Interceptors are not meant to deal with fighters.

Those resistances are nothing to the dph of a frigate.

The fighter it self can be countered by doing the same back in another fighter.


It’s a nice build you have there, and it’s part of the game.

Use it :slight_smile:

The drawback is thus that you don’t use dps, speed or any such modules in those slots since you are using speed mods in those slots. I find it very hard to hit interceptors as is so try not to look at the modules but the gameplay as well.

speed is a kind of defense, and if you can dance, all these speed mods on an interceptor make you barely able to hit, also one of the stronger hull mods slows you down, put that on a fighter and you find frigs fast

why when i see 520 speed post combution,i have finaly just 500 not 520 in game???


it’s for all ship ,for me,i have not the same speed,> detail it’s = in game!! always i have - of the speed detail he said!


can you said if it’s ,normal or not




Edit: Wait, what is this necromancy?