General improvement

Hi, i am a new and supportive member of the SC community and i wish the game to grow and be more balanced and fun,


Problems, (P)

P1, well the frigate class turning speed is way too slow, interceptors and fast fighters alike can get behind and the frigate is sitting ducks.

P2, The CoilMortar is way too strong and is becoming a newb spam phenomenon, the mortar has too large a hit-box because it is so damn easy

to use it puts the other weapons out of competition if you are looking for statistically appropriate weapons instead of personal preference.

P3, the interceptors are a little bit too strong in ROF for some weapons.




Effects, (E)

E1, The effect of the slow turning speed proves for difficult game play if needing to execute a emergency maneuvering tactic while in close-quarters combat

this problem can be sorted out by mounting some Auto-Turrets on frigate class ships, they don’t need to be strong actually quite contrary they would be there,

to finish the combat if you manage to damage the enemy in long/mid range approach enough.

E2, the coil mortar has a way too large hit-box, if you want a exploding splash damage weapon make it weaker at least because it is too strong. alot of new players are now using it a bit too much its like no one has interest in the other Fclass weapons.

E3, the interceptor has too fast rate of fire most fighters don’t stand a chance against same teir and rank interceptors without having some backup.



Solutions, (S)

S1, as i mentioned the turn speed needs improvement or just placement of a auto turret or 2 making the frigate able to fight enemies at the behind because its

turning speed is nothing that can win a close-quarter combat.

S2, The Coil mortar has too large a hit-box in my personal opinion i have witnessed players complain about its damage but i think that is fine the box is the problem

if 2 frigates quip the mk4 coil mortar and camp a tight spot they will be able to duo a team. 

S3, the interceptors are too fast in rate of fire they are quite difficult to hit already but their rate of fire makes them alot more dangerous this isint a issue

with all the weapons just the Plasma Gun and the laser is also way too damaging i have been destroyed by these lasers in about 2/30 sec by a interceptor 

when i had full hull points and shield points i even activated the spec module this was on my machete-ae.



Improvements, (I)

I1, ok this has too be done im playing star conflict not world of tanks change the interface it is revolting and discouraging to ex-WOT community players

as i am one, the interface theme doses not have the sci-fi about it its not immersive and its repulsive i hate it (personal opinion).




Thanks i hope you agree and press on the dev team to change some of the problems.

I also urge you to put forth your ideas, and we can make the game better together,

and leave constructive criticism on any mistakes or miss-conclusions i may have written about.



P1: Git Gud

P2: Git Gud

P3: Git Gud


Problem solved.

P1: Frigates have a low turn rate by design. They have some of the most potent weapons and armor in the game, and therefore have to have a weakness. You’re suggestion of auto-turrets would be akin to giving all frigates a pulsar with no cooldown. So, I’m afraid that’s a big no.


It’s not that hard to compensate for your blind spot. It usually involves flying with your teammates.


P2: Every game has their nub-tube. The coil-mortar just happens to be the nub-tube for frigs. The weapon itself really isn’t as OP as you think, in most cases it’s far more effective to go with a Heavy Blaster, since the Coils can only be used at their best on an LRF, and even then suffer from blind spots where they cannot fire.


P3: Rate of Fire isn’t the most glaring problem with Interceptors. Actually, Interceptors as a whole aren’t that bad at the moment, save for the ECM class. When you have experienced a professional ECM pilot in T5, I look forward to your rage post. But at the moment, things really aren’t that bad.



P.S. I’m primarily a frigate pilot, not an interceptor fanboy as you might think.

If using frigates - stay near team/rocks/cover, have spacial awareness to know when someone is coming for you.

There are also things to help with stuff being behind you - LRF has minefield. Guard has pulsar. Engineer has drones (albeit they probably blew up with a missile). You can also equip EM torp on frigates in T3+ which will damage the both of you but the interceptor suffers more due to lower health.


If using fighters, you need to learn how to take advantage of their modules and have a spacial awareness. Tacklers can be quite good at taking out interceptors, as long as you don’t just charge in and try to escape using cloak after they plasma webbed you…


Coil mortar and frig balling is annoying and it can be heard to have an effect on them when your team can’t kill them and you don’t have the skill or ship to pick them off. There is always going to be a weapon that becomes better than others for the masses and right now loads of frigates have coils. It used to be gunships and ion beams, etc.

in higher level you can strongly modify each ship so most of the points will dissappear


To work and use the pro and cons of each ship is challenging, yes, but this makes life in SC interesting


Anyway thank you for your input, we may consider it

But please be aware balancing is a difficult topic to argue and is under constant review at the Devs