Gauss Mortar / Rail Flak

Here is an idea for a new kinetic fighter weapon, Gauss Mortar / Rail Flak:


-variable range chargeable grenade launcher, all barrels fire at once.


-Charging increases the range from 1000m-4000m (max. 3 sec charging time, 1000m added every second)

(min. range prevents skill deprived close range splash spam)


-Firerate: max. 60 rounds/minute


-175m explosion radius


-damage output should be about 3000 dmg per shot. This should lead to a dps of 3000 dps at 1000m range and 1000  dps at 4000m range.


-Projectile speed would be about 5500m/s


-no proximity fuse, you have to guess how long you’ll have to charge your gun in order to detonate the shell next to your enemy. Like a Flak cannon.


-very low critical damage to prevent close range gunships from reaching uber dps.


-spread of about 1 degree, fixed.


There you have it, discuss ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Up for review.