Gargoyle Rank

I did buy the Gargoyle at the christmas special.

some weeks ago you changed its rankl from 10 to 11 because of some balancing.

but for players like me that only play pve its not balanced anymore right now…

better to say its unplayable and useless…

because in rank 11 pve you play vs rank 15 and you get 2 hits by any ship and you are dead…

thats a general problem with this game, that the rank 10 to rank 11 dificulty is quite to high and you dont have any progress anymore… 

thats why i dont play any shipd past rank 10…

so now there is the gargoyle…

an ship i realy loved to play in rank 10 PVE and that i not just spend quite much money on to finally get all parts, but also spend ALL my ship parts that i had after hundrets of hours of farming.

I already wrote to support but they just told me that Gaijin have right to change all they want and that i should use the suggestion forum to get the devs noticed about this.

And i dont think that you should change payed content in that way that it gets useless for those that spend money (and if you have to you should make a refound possible (at least wargaming did that))

so my suggestion is:

1st of all:

  • test your ships before selling it so you dont have to change it (at least not that much it gets useless afterwards)

  • to sell a overpowered ship for a limited time and afterwards say “oh no we have to nerv it because it is to strong” seams to me like fast money making and dont care about players thats payed for it


  • its ok for me to change ships in a limited range but it should not get unuseable for players because of that changes

  • to change something from rank 9 to rank 10, noone would care because its the same battles (i dont know about pvp because i never play pvp)

  • or just nerv some stats but keep the ship at its rank

but for the gargoyle where that changes are now already made i would suggest:

  • change the matchmaking for it.

  • i assume you did that changes because it was to strong in pvp, so just change the pvp matchmaking for it and keep pvp like it is.

  • wargaming have couple of prem tanks that have other matchmaking then normal once (at least they did before i went from WG to Gaijin because of wargamings pay to win and general money policy)

  • so please make the gargoyle useable in rank 10 pve battles again (

maybe you can make it available for both: rank 10 and rank 11 pve games.

so if you ony have ships up to rank 10 equipped an your hangar you will get into rank 10 pve and still can use the gargoyle.

but if you have any other ship equipped that is rank 11+ then its just like every other rank 11 ship.

i think that would be a good compromise and also should be doable (also if i dont know your matchmaking algorithm).


you realy should do something about that.

this simple change from rank 10 to rank 11 totaly ruined the game for me and some friends that also only play pve and buyed that gargoyle. we didnt realy played Starconflict anymore since then because we spend all our recources on finally constructing the 1st ship and then it gets useless after less then a month. and we dont have any motivation of farming for anything anymore neither we will spend any money for gaijin games in the future if we have to fear it will be made unuseable afterwards. and im shure we are not the only players that feel like that.

please do something about it. i realy loved that game, and it hurts to have lost all motivation of playing it because of such a change.

if you need any help in development, maybe i can help you?

in couple of month i will have finished my school for “Computer Science Expert Subject Area: Software Development”.