Gamemode specific ship loadouts

Since we cannot choose which gamemode type to play in PvP Skirmish, I was wondering if it’s a good idea to have ship loadouts for each one of them.

For example, if I’ve got 2 separate ships, I could setup different configurations of these ships, for different gamemode types, so when that gamemode loads, it will automatically equip the modules corresponding to that loadout.

Another example, if I have an engineering frigate, I could set up a loadout to use the Warp Gate module for the Beacon Hunt game types and the Repair Station for the Team Battle type.



in general this is a nice idea, but keep in mind that matchmaking takes your ships into account when searching for a battle. Having a couple of loudouts would increase the waiting time since matchmaking would have to check more possibilities.

was actually a very good idea. but would take alot of time to do all those loadouts lol 

It’s a terrible idea. There is a reason you can’t choose what map and mode you want to play. Having different ship loadouts for them beats this purpose and leaves only the annoying part.