Game Viewpoint

I think that you should be able to view the ship and battle from a first person/cockpit point of view. also, maybe be able to walk around inside the hangar and choose your ships to bring to battle that way.


commence discussion.

You can zoom in fully, which is quite useful with certain weapons, but a cockpit view would be too restrictive.  You would not be competitive anymore.

cockpit view would be nice, but you would be at a severe disadvantage

You must understand that 1st person would be good for spectating. In which case I think only spectators should be able to do this, as each ship DOES have two seats. But flying like this would be a death sentence.

On top of what everybody else has said thus far, this has been suggested before and rejected multiple times.

still would be fun, as any viewpoint is entirely optional.

sorry, this have already been proposed multiple times and would have high disadvantages so it got declined (also by player)