Game Type specific Contracts

I like the new focus on completing Contracts as opposed to just grinding through games.  


But there is one big problem:  Most of my current Contracts are for Domination (Beacon capture/Kill ship attacking Beacon) and the game type is not popping enough for me to get them done.  It was not popping enough last night, either.  


Here are some solutions:


a) Game Type neutral Contracts (Kill 5 enemy ships attacking our beacon OR carrying an EMP OR defending their captain)

b) a greater variety of Contracts and the ability to switch in the lobby once you know the game type

c) a improved chance of getting the Game Type you need for your Contracts


When it is a random Game Type that determines if you can get your Contracts done, its not fun, there is no skill, its just badly organised.  I’d like a chance to carry out my Contract every game, even if its only a small contribution.  


Its great that some Contracts are challenging but they should be challenging my skills and do-able every Game Type.  

They shouldn’t be hard because of a random number generater in the match maker.