Game mode: salvage retrieval

First off: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19939-close-quarters-maps/#entry202020)

That’s the link to a map type proposal, still it should be probably moved to suggestions section.


Anyway, while i was reading that i came up with this game mode, for good ol’ Descent type maps: throw a number of ‘boxes’ on a map to capture (salvage, retrieve, whatever) or stuff to hack into (electronic devices for example) and make the process different than beacon hunting or emp bombing, something as ‘doing something’ instead of sitting by and waiting for a progress bar to fill, like shooting certain spots to open, THEN capture (in this way opening a storage is not enough, the enemy can grab it from you after you open it).


||| EDIT: The winning conditions are pretty obvious: the team getting more stuff out of the storages, so 1 more than half wins. However, make a way to reduce their score, so the game can progress to the last piece of tech if the match is close. |||


||| EDIT 2: Another way of considering points is to start at a set amount. Each capture brings points in for it’s team. Each death decreases it. The first team to reach 0 loses. |||


In a larger part, searching for intel / tech, after all it’s the loot we all get every match win: precursors tech to sell and documents for faction rep (and mods ofc).


The game mode isn’t bound only to the map type idea linked above, but for others as well, i found plenty of corners and holes on the already existing maps.


What do you think?

Game modes should ideally have a nice balance between guarding places and racing for things due to the different mobility of different ships. Had a nice 3 v 3 session the other day. Detonation. Frigs vs Interceptors. You could guess the result. When a mix of classes with good teamplay between them is rewarded with a win - you have yourself a fair game mode. Detonation, Combat Recon and Domination has got these 2 elements. The need to defend something somewhere, and the need to go out and get something else.


  • Detonation don’t work out too well because there are too many bases to defend so ppl end up racing interceptors. 2 bases instead of 3 would improve teamplay by alot I reckon.
  • Combat recon, well there’s only 1 person to defend and 1 person to ‘race’ after. Lack of alternatives mean alot of standoffs
  • Domination is probably better but on most maps all 3 beacons are placed in a straight line meaning getting the middle beacon = win 90% of the time

A new game mode suggestion should atleast include the defend-attack element AND explain how it differs in principle compared to the existing game modes. Plus points for describing how each ship class be played on that game or if there are any interesting ship-role combo that could be used.

  1. Astraal, you have beaten me into the dirt so many times now that I respect and hate you for it. Know that.

  2. I foresee frequent Jericho Torpedo blitzing.

  3. I foresee Interceptors having quite a few more thud medals.

  4. I foresee incredible amounts of minefield spam

  5. 2, 3 and 4 all translate into incredible amounts of fun and rage. Mostly fun.

@ Kine:

You’re right in all aspects about it to find a balanced gameplay. Also know that atm i pretty much hope to develop this with the help of other people since i’m in the exam session and got limited time, so thinking stuff out for each ship / map will come a bit slower for now from me (2 weeks to go). Other people’s input can scoop out my mistakes too and find alternatives / repairs.

One of the elements i had in mind was adaptability. Too many times i see people doing the same thing in a battle, getting killed and repeating the death-drill to the end of the match (snipers should be awarded a medal for this). They just refuse to change the way they act, their actions becoming pre-read even before respawn. And to change my drill too, i’ll be honest - I need a pace change. So introducing more things to do should make people change the way they act multiple times per match. This is what i’d like to work on at least.



  1. Thanks! :slight_smile:     I can foresee you’re also going to be a worthy opponent / teammate in the near future since you’re one of the guys i’m considering the movements of in a match. Keep it up!

  2. Maybe i will finally start flying snipers. Search and destroy!

  3. They should watch out what they’re flying into and learn to maneuver more efficiently. I’m in this boat too - my thud’s are 50% from inty collisions.

  4. Well, nothing new here tbh, ‘christmas trees’ already exist in all game modes - christmas beacons, santa captain and over-decorated stations. That’s how i see them at least.

If you refer to the tight quarter map, minefields’ business is to block movement, not suicide-secure an asset (realistic mode can confirm it :stuck_out_tongue: ). My thinking at least.


Captain: Call the guards!

Soldier: Eh, capt’n? There’s a ventilation shaft up there…

Captain: I’m talking here! Use the ventilation shaft!


Sorry couldn’t hold it xP


  1. Rage is pointless in a game. I’ll take the fun part.