Game Mode Dreadnought Exchange

I’d like to see a new game mode added wherein players battle each other as two dreadnoughts exchange file with their major calibre.  Obviously if you’re hit by a one of their salvos your out and have to wait to respawn.  Winning the game mode would be to 1) eliminate the opposing team’s dreadnought by stripping it of it’s major calibre emplacements–so that it cannot return fire on your team’s dreadnought, 2) eliminate more of the major calibre emplacements than the other team, or 3) eliminate more of the other team’s player ships.  Of course, a lot of details would need to be filled in, but something like this would be nice to see.

I’m not going to bite it, not gonna happen, not going to say that we already have one just to reveal this to be sarcasm due to the almost nonexistant incentive of playing dreadnought battles due to the unbalanced matchmaking, not gonna fall for it in a million years.

It’s pointless to ask for this at this time. The game has a lot of other problems on its own.