Game Development Plan

Dear players! Star Conflict development process goes on, and that is why we would like to present the updated development plan for our game. Take notice, that this document reflects only the major changes. In addition to implementing parts of the plan, we are constantly fixing bugs, introduce smaller improvements and tweak combat and economic balance. We also continue developing and assessing new and existing gaming opportunities.


Check out new development plan for Star Conflict on our website!



nice! can’t wait to see all these change and the fresh aspect they will give to the game and i hope in the best way possible!


my attention stick on that current artwork, if this is what i think we’ll get more station with a similar structure of ellydium station which is awesome!

look like we’ll be able to explore space in it’s deepest location and so more hostile territories! and i’m sure this will be linked to new ships currently on the way

got my support and keep up the good work! ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) → waiting some concept art if possible ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)

![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

oh god, i was paranoid that they were going to delay the standard redesign by another 4 months

I wait Open space and rework of design old ship, but…new weapon, module and too ship? new cheat and new nerf after ![:007_2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_2.png “:007_2:”) it’s sure yhea.

This is genuinely terrifying:


Can you please not pay to access a game mode we HAVE to play to progress?

7 minutes ago, PapyMcBites said:

This is genuinely terrifying:


Can you please not pay to access a game mode we HAVE to play to progress?

yea they need to remove this… that’s really scary

Considering how ridiculous this is getting, I’ve prepared this short infographic. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was accurate:


On 10/12/2017 at 6:27 PM, PapyMcBites said:

This is genuinely terrifying:


Can you please not pay to access a game mode we HAVE to play to progress?

if a price is added, then we will all stop paying, jk we will never pay at this point


MORE price updates…TRANSLATION everything that you sold to get credits is now not only a limited resource but also worthless… An Ellydium ship costs 150,000,000 credits to upgrade and fit modules and weapons on up to rank 12 . Now that EVERYTHING we were selling is worth 350 credits do you ignorant fools think we will pay $700 to buy 150,000,000 credits to upgrade Ellydium ships ?

TRADING SYSTEM…WORTHLESS now . Why even have a trading system if all your going to do is  drop 1000’s of EVERY resource effectively killing ALL trade and  NOT drop the one component EVERYBODY needs making it worth 1000’s of GS effectively killing ALL trade ???

NERF’S…Why do you sell a OP ship for 1000’s of GS and then nerf it to the point NOBODY uses it any more  then come out with another OP ship for 1000’s of GS the next day ? Only to nerf that ship just before the release of a new, expensive, OP ship that we all know will be nerfed in less than a month???

MATCHMAKING…The worst I’ve seen in all the games I’ve played…Why don’t you incorporate the  find group button with the matchmaking system  so we ALL can see what other players are queuing for and can then slot ships accordingly. the current system is a complete disaster and has been for over 6 months now . We are ALL aware that this game has so few players that its never going to work until more players  start playing … Why not just do it like  PVE   R1-5    R6-10   R11-15  and be done with it once and for all ???

ARIADNE’S THREAD…Almost impossible to do at R11-15 in a random group . the limited player base  makes finding a  4 destroyer group extremely difficult forcing everybody to do Ariadne’s thread at R-10 so you can actually do it in a random group

CO-OP…Too OP at R-10 - R-12 . this has been a  constant complaint for  months now … When is it exactly your going to start listing to the players feed back ???



In regular updates we’ll work on:

  • Balancing of game modes, technologies and equipment.
  • Further work on adding and improving new types of weapons and modules.
  • Improvements in PvP and PvE game modes, based on player comments and suggestions.

These are our current long-term development goals:…Lets hope that one of those goals is actually marketing to your players and increasing the player base rather than to your investors and decreasing the player base … after all we are the ones paying for this game.

4 minutes ago, Original_Taz said:

Improvements in PvP and PvE game modes, based on player comments and suggestions.


Really not sure why they even included this line lol

i had my own interpretation…

permacloak? ha. we all can’t wait for the ecm who can stun the enemy team for 10 minutes over the map


sarcastic satire alert.


section a

  • new ships and maps will be added, given the last elly ships are still not here, you never guess what it will be!
  • we all love the fleet rework, which we already got sneak peaks from, where every ship gets some artsy abilities to be hipster, and solves all the problems in the game with magic
  • mm improvements - well after breaking down tiers, introducing rank restrictions, adding op ships and stuff, allowing squads only to go into battle with equal max rank, and going back and forth with every decision, i am sure, there is something that can be added to the rules which finally will balance it out


section b

  • regular updates, where a promise is given not to abandon the game and go on holiday for a year
  • also further work on section a things, because dont u expect that the “overhaul” will be complete when its released
  • players are listened to, if they say what we wanna hear and happen to be on skype


section c

  • open space “update” means they might finish this idea of open space and can finally charge you for it
  • more artsy weapon ideas and module ideas, because we do not have enough weapons and modules yet, balancing them failed, its easier to add moar.
  • the continuation in this case means, that said changes in section a, continued in section b, will not be finished until the far future, and they will still be working on it then, so do not give up hope, if you do not like the changes!!
  • aliens are totally not overdone yet. they are the new handwavium.

section d

  • added a new hangar, which, was the coolest hangar yet, inspired by knowhere, because someone watched guardians of the galaxy before a meeting
  • while it was hard enough to keep all 3 factions diverse and interesting, a 4th was added to resemble a new playstyle called cookie-cutting
  • and just so you dont forget the previous bullet point, lets reiterate the last point again with a subpoint, so that section d looks really good, because it reflects what was in the past and has been done
    • molten plastic watergun
    • small molten plastic tai’pen model from ED store
    • big molten plastic fish

99.9%  Negative comments… There’s your player feed back CinnamonFake…NOBODY likes the direction this game is going…For the intellectually limited this means your profits will only come from new players that drop $50 once before getting bored with the game and leaving for another game that listens to the players…

to make my last post not look like i dont see positive things happening, i wanted to add that personally i do see good things in the past:

  • ellidium theta interior design is really cool, it was a really nice addition and i like the style
  • ui overhaul is really good work until now (and i hope the crazy anchoring of some of the windows are just temporary) - i also know how much work it is to actually implement ui in a game engine
  • this includes features like resizable chat, linkable modules
  • the rank bonuses were a really good idea, generally any idea that makes ships more even
  • nightingale, dart, etc. are really good looking ships (but they do not belong in a queue with R9s, in fact the dart can do well in r15)
  • it was brave to make the market, even if i am not sure if i like the current concept