Galactic Arc [GArc] (Canadian)(Federation)


Galactic Arc is a Federation corporation which focuses on the social experience. We enjoy communicating with our members, and while we are still somewhat competitive, it isn’t our highest priority. We fight proudly for the Federation, and you will occasionally find us in Sector Conquest, often with members from ally corporations. It doesn’t really matter to us if you can fight all that impressively, all we really wish to be able to do is talk with our members. If you want to join us, and are active in Star Conflict, we’d love to have you.

Our Website:
Come join us on our website, Galactic Arc. We have a forum, where alliance details and plans are contained in higher detail, as well as news posted pertaining to the community.

Our TeamSpeak Server:
We’d love to talk to you, even if you aren’t in our corporation. Our TeamSpeak server is

We only really have one requirement, and that is TeamSpeak. It’s completely free and it allows everyone to communicate with one another.

We only have two things that we prefer. The first is a microphone, as it makes it easier to communicate. We still have multiple members without a microphone, so if you don’t have one, no worries. The second is that you have a ship that is at least in tier 2 (rank 4+), mainly so that we know you don’t intend to leave immediately and have put the effort into getting into the second tier. If you don’t meet this, it isn’t a requirement, and it doesn’t take very long to get into the second tier. Beyond the second tier takes more time, but we can help you with that.

How to Join:
Simply find our corporation in Star Conflict and apply to the corporation. We will PM you and ask you a question or two (to see if you speak English and will respond) and then we will accept your application. You can also come on our TeamSpeak server to speed the process along, or post on this topic for us to get back to you.

Corporation Rules:

  • Do not insult or harass other players. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing bad in a match or they killed you in Open World, do not insult or harass them.
  • If someone provokes you in chat, through regular chat or a private message, do not respond with another insult or anything that can be deemed offensive. You can respond, so long as it is appropriate and isn’t going to be taken offensively.
  • Do not kill members of ally corporations. We are allies with them for a reason…

Ally Corporations (CDF [Comic-sans Defense Force]):

  • Ultra [ultra]
  • Finniric Inc. [Finn]
  • Fowler Defense [FDEF]
  • Behemoth [behem]
  • Skye Rangers Omega [sRO]
  • Inconstance [iNCON]
  • Voodoo Vikings [Vking]

Enemy Corporations:

  • The Wow Pooch [WPK]
  • Please Don’t Xplode [PDX]
  • Everyone Shreds Bears [ESB]
  • Lamps provide light [LAMPA]
  • The Noobliest Awesomely Super Astro-cats [NASA] (Sort of?)
  • Seriously running scared [sRS]
  • Really deadly sauce [RDS]
  • Vladimir is putin [VIP]
  • Scorpions cook overcooked rice, period. [sCORP]
  • Gorgeously oversized doomdays. [iGoDI]
  • French Sauce Eternity [FSE]
  • Everyone On Deck! [iEoDI]
  • Reality 4 Geese Everywhere [R4ge]


  • Jimothybob (CEO since January)

Vice President:

  • Bongobasher
  • InnocentBystandr


  • CaptainVince02
  • fuzzy50
  • InnocentBystandr
  • LowkeyKiller
  • Mario151
  • Mikhaila
  • OlcanBishop
  • TheStig
  • Vanguard

The Conflict Defense Force Alliance official website.

Does the corporation post really have to be in Comic Sans…?


Comic Sans only makes the " ’ " even more evident…

yes it does, and your quote!

Jimothybob is the n ew CEO of Comic Sans Forc- Galactic Arc.(I totally wasn’t going to put Comic Sans Force)

All li s ts updated as well.

I am adding Lore to my corporation, as inspired by TheDarkRedFox!



"After the galaxy had begin to grow with more and more fighting, it was becoming dangerous. It was only a matter of time before people got killed wondering around alone. However, there was hope when a guy nicknamed the ghostleader began a group. It was not much of a group, but it allowed lone pilots who are in danger to join this group, and finally have protection they needed. It wasn’t only about the protection, these new pilots befriended the ghostleader and they helped each other out even more. The group was unnamed though, it was nicknamed “Galactic Group of piloteers”, but it was unofficial. After a year or so of dramatic growth, they really needed a name to slap on the pilots helmets. So their small council that they had, tried over and over to come up with a name that has a angry meaning to it, but none of them fit. The council argued over and over to find a name, they just couldn’t get the right name.


A pilot known as Jim was overhearing the council arguing over a dumb issue, Jim decided to walk in. What happened next was simple, the council all looked over at him as he shouldn’t be in the room. Jim simply said “Galactic Arc”, and the council didn’t say a thing as Jim turned around and walked out of the room. The council immediately agreed to name it “Galactic Arc”, it was a simple, and yet meaningful name. Galactic as in Big, and the Arc as in a community, the council loved it.


Once the generation 4 ships were created, pilots started flocking to the newly named group. The corporation needed more pilots to help kick start the group into a corporation, that way the group can begin getting profits and help all the pilots upgrade their terribly old generation 2 ships. Heck, even some guys stuck with their Hercules fighter until generation 3 was released. Over time, the group finally become official and strong, they grew in numbers and in strength of ships. By the time they had many fleets, the generation 5 ships were out of researching, and into production lines everywhere, and the galaxy only became more dangerous since that time.


Now the corporation is a strong group of pilots who fight for each other, and die for each other as it becomes harder and harder to live in such a simple yet complex universe."