Fyrefly Mercenary Corps

Hello Pilots!

Fyrefly Mercenary Corporation is now recruiting!

We are a cooperative/teamplay focused corp seeking english speaking pilots. We play a lot of PvE, Open Space, and PvP. All skill levels are welcome to apply as we are quite new and need to fill out the ranks.

Our fledgeling corporation is looking to begin construction of a dreadnought and we intend to take part in sector battles once we have one built. To that regard, any pilot of rank 10 or above will immediately have an officer position!

We are open to alliances, especially if that can get us into Sector Conquest sooner! If your corporation is interested in an alliance PM MrTooly in game.

To apply, leave an application here or send one our way in game.

If you have some questions, leave them here, or PM MrTooly or Cyberghost in game.

We put the Fyre in “Fire at will”