Fusor Launcher [Weapon]

Name: Fusor Launcher

Type: Primary Weapon

Ranks: 10-15

Damage: 5,900 Thermal

Explosion radius: 50m

RoF: 45 shots/min

Flight speed: 900m/s

Tracking speed: 15 deg/s

Range: 4,750m

Tooltip: Fires a compact Fusor that slowly tracks locked targets. While flying it deals 3,250 EM damage per second in a 500m radius. Upon detonation, a 250m radiation radiation field will be created for 5 seconds that deals 4,000 EM damage per second.



In other news:


500m is a huge damage radius. Halo launcher has a much, much smaller area of effect and is stupidly good at preventing beacon capping already.


4000 DPS is ridiculous, even for a “radiation radiation” field. Dumbfiring this into entrenched enemies would beat out even black holes for flushing enemies out of cover.


The flight stats are reminiscent of cruise missiles, but faster. I’m not so sure about them.


And there’s no weight class mentioned. I’d assume destroyers, considering the DPS (~4.5k out of the box), range (~4.5k out of the box…), and description. Which is good, as it’s considerably more balanced than putting it on, say, an interceptor. But it’s still ridiculous.

Fires a compact Fusor that slowly tracks locked targets

This confused me. In which situation i have to use this weapon. Also for a weapon is OP, I guess.

The general concept is good, but you are basically asking for a primary torpedo launcher with auto tracking and high rate of fire… 

So, no.

Well ofc all numbers will be tweaked way down. It’s just an example for a primary weapon that leaves behind a radiation cloud. We don’t have one yet as far as I can tell.

We don’t have one yet as far as I can tell.

Halo launcher? It doesn’t properly “leave” a radiation cloud, but it has one when it travels… Maybe it could be a primary weapon for a destroyer, with some tweaking.