Fusion Laser [Module]

Name: Fusion Laser

Type: Multipurpose Active Module

Ranks: 6-15

DPS: 1,200 Kinetic

Maximum range: 900m

Recharge: 10 seconds

Active time: 20 seconds

Energy: 300pts

Tooltip: Allows the user to mine for precious resources in Open Space. When activated fires a wide, low-wavelength beam at the crosshairs for 20 seconds. If this beam hits an asteroid, it will yield a rare resource every 5 seconds that it is continuously on it.


Posisble Resource list: Graphite, Neodium, Beryllium, Vulpanium, Pure Gold (converted to a handful of GS), Cinnamontium (Used for baking space-buns), Living Crystal (when used in alien sectors/on aliens), and literally anything else that isn’t Silicon, Vanadium, credits, or Crystal shards.

Regardless of when or how, we need a better way to mine for what we want, and not some random resource roulette. Silicon and Vanadium could stop dropping from everything and I probably would never notice a lack o those particular resources.

The problem isn’t even alone THAT they drop. The problem is that they count as single item. For dupes I wouldn’t mind to farm 18575 van/shards/silicon, but with only having between 3-15 room, you CAN’T do that - not without needing every 10s to use a drone…

This suggestion could be something with the mining/transporter suggestion a while ago.

OS revamp in 2957… o.o

Oh forgot: +1 to this.