Further rework of ship loadouts

I really like that we now have a ship build saving/loading system, but I feel like it still needs more to it, currently it doesn’t save implants and Ellydium nodes, and it also doesn’t remove modules installed on other ships, for that I suggest that we should be able to do it, but not on ships that are in the combat slots, thus preventing accidental removal of modules from ships that we have selected, another crucial change I suggest is storing the presets on the server-side, rather than client side, what I mean is, the preset is saved on one machine, so if people use multiple computers(or laptops, I don’t judge)the preset is not found on other computers, despite being logged in the same account, I know there is a file that stores them, but I strongly doubt people would like to go looking for it and move it around from one machine to another, another change I suggest is resizing the name boxes according to the text size, and give us a scroll option, maybe even a dropdown menu so they can also fit, anything would work.

Ships in slots should have a “lock” option so that items cannot be pulled off of them if this is to be done.

I often find myself with only one of a certain item due to its scarcity or price, so having it tossed around between ships when I need it -more- on one ship isn’t the best idea.

Just manually sync your presets. The current way at least allows to share the presets between accounts.

But yeah having more advanced presets would be really nice.

A few questions/ideas:


  1. in sector conquest, when you shoot a torpedo soon after launch, why doesn’t it deal damage to enemies and/or to the enemy dread?

  2. what if we could change the name of the ships? The ship would remain the same obvisously (original name) but we could change it into anything;

  3. it would be nice to see the timer when you attach spy drones/cov ops drones. So that you know when it expires and re; or on some recons you have both, and not to overdo it, to cancel first by attaching the 2nd;

  4. for microlocators, it would be nice to have a timing, no matter how far you are from them; if you deploy more, a timer for everyone;

  5. in pve, those small messages with a picture+text (that you completed a part) are very nice, but pls resize them and avoid placing them over the timing of the active mods (which is standard in the left side of the “F” or main module). Sometimes it’s very useful to know how many seconds of speed boost you have left, and peeeewwwww, that window pops up exactly over the small pic with the active time;


Coming back soon with more questions/feedback, thanks!