Full Campaign (And a Little on the Tutorial)

I’ve been mulling this over for a while along with several other things which I may or may not post later, but I believe it would be in this game’s best interests to include a full campaign. Now, I have a couple of reasons for this, so I’ll just go over them now.


1) It adds depth.

This is probably the most important of all the points I’m going to make. Without a proper background the Star Conflict universe is just stale. Don’t get me wrong here: quite a lot of what you’ve already established is pretty good, but a player has to go and actively search for this information.


Adding a campaign to a game is the best way to establish a storyline and a background. Halo is the first game that springs to mind when I say this. How many of you would have actually bought it if the campaigns had never existed? I’m guessing not very many. It would have just been another dull, repetitive futuristic First Person Shooter with shields and energy swords. But since the first game was produced, the actual history of the game has exploded. There’s a fanmade wiki with over 8000 pages and even producer content such as actual books or timelines that - altogether - depict a universe of such incredible detail it’s astounding. This game has the same potential and I know it can get there with the right push.


You have an entire playerbase at your fingertips, StarGem. And Gaijin, you too. If you find yourselves drawing blanks for levels or plots you can always call on a few select players you can draft in to help flesh it out more. A good story can make for an excellent game, even if its other qualities are lacking, as people can look past them more easily.


2) Gives us something else to do.

Entertainment, It’s what games provide. And the best way to provide more entertainment is to add more content. And the best way to add more content is - generally - a campaign. It extends the fun past just a lobby-based shooter (correct me if I’m wrong) and brings in a whole new element of play: fighting your way through a story. Blaze through levels with unique objectives and new enemies, finally reaching an ultimate fight at the end of it all. Preferably with the Precursors.


Well, there has to be something that doesn’t involve all three races beating the crap out of each other. The Precursors are now conveniently placed in the position to be the real enemy. Perhaps they want to purge the galaxy (sound familiar?). Maybe they’re trying to illuminate the three races, but we (the races) resist (again, familiar, right?). Try to come up with an inventive way of portraying them in a bad light which is ‘detrimental’ to the current state of the galaxy, even if their actual purpose isn’t. That sounds complicated, but if it’s done correctly it will really help to add to the story. Essentially a massive PvE-fest that has you doing other things except just shooting stuff.


3) Strengthens the bond between the two main communities.

For those who aren’t sure which two I’m talking about, these two communities are the Russian community - unarguably the smaller of the two - and the EU & American community. I place EU and American in the same community as we often share the same views, but this is debatable and can wait until another time.


With a co-op campaign it gives players the opportunity to work as a true team, even if one is Russian and another is Korean. At the risk of sounding like a complete prat I think it’s safe to assume most people will have learnt some English in their time gaming. Anyway, back to the point: even with a team with members of both communities and maybe more eastern players communication in a rudimentary form already exists (all eyes on), but with the addition of an in-game chat more advanced tactics are able to be discussed. Information is capable of being relayed. Having a player from ESB (mainly Russian) co-operating with one from NASA? The campaign would nudge them towards working as a team to accomplish their tasks instead, and in PvP, this isn’t a likely occurrence.



Tutorials are a very important part of any game. First thing you should know is that if people skip your tutorial, then you’ve failed as a developer. You’ve wasted resources creating something that no-one will look at. Second:

Text overload is bad.

Too much text on tutorials utterly kills immersion and pacing, and the whole point of tutorial is to draw people in (5 minute rule). So, you have to introduce your mechanics and controls through actual gameplay. Star Conflict is fantastic in this respect as you can teach a player everything on the fly, but it’s always important to include some of the basic controls in a tutorial. Portal is the best example of this. It teaches you how to play continuously throughout the entire game, and doesn’t just lump it in at the beginning.


Now, making a good tutorial should do the following:

  1. Give the player the feeling that they’ve achieved something.
  2. Not completely flood the player with lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines of text. Otherwise, you’re doing it wrong. If you need to tell the player something, do it by audial stimulation, and subtitle it if necessary.
  3. Doesn’t heap everything on the player at the beginning. Essentially, do it the Portal way. Most developers think that they need to give the player every piece of information the player will ever need, right at the beginning. This is a bad idea.
  4. Allow the player to have fun whilst doing it. Similar to 1. If it’s not engaging, players will just leave. Simple as that.
  5. It your tutorial is gameplay, you’ve done it right. Again, Portal. 90% of it was a tutorial. Did any of us care? No. That’s good. This may seem a little contradictory but if your game can teach a player how to become awesome whilst they’re doing it, then you pulled it off brilliantly.

That’s it for tutorials. I’ll be back some other time with a more in-depth suggestion on how SCon can improve its tutorial. Thanks for reading, see you again sometime!

Dang it, I was going to suggest this, but I didn’t know where to start. Ok, well, honestly I think a campaign would be good as a novelty thing, like, a ping pong table. Why? Well, because, it will be nice to have a campaign, but, once you beat it, well, you beat it. I don’t think there would be a campaign, but more of a “Special OPS” feature, to where missions more bonded to the lore will be inserted with every update. Like, if you’re a federation pilot, you will have to conduct a bombing run on an Empire outpost, If you’re an Empire pilot, you have to fend off a federation bombing… etc. Besides, even though I would like to see this, nearly every game that has an online multi-player feature (PvP, I mean), is usually the dominant thing in that game. For example, Call of Duty. Some people are extremely high ranked, and still don’t know what happens at the end of the game’s campaign. Hence, the novelty effect. It will be there, but with the little amount of people who would bother to play it, if so,  a few missions or so… I don’t believe the devs would bother touching the concept. But, I could be entirely wrong. Maybe people will realize how cool it would be to get more of the game’s concept. Or, they’ll just keep clicking the highlighted sectors on the map. 


About your tutorial part, I completely agree. Why bother making a tutorial if people will just skip it. To add on to tutorials, I believe that there should be tutorials on Each PvP gamemode. So, no more “how do I cap beacons” or “im the captain… what do I do”.

It would be interesting if you could work a campaign in as a tutorial. In fact, have three!


Something like…



Mission 1 - Routine Patrol.

Quick, short mission. You get a Hercules, you shoot down some easy pirate bots, job done. This mission is just to teach you how to point and shoot.


Mission 2 - Light 'Em Up!

You are placed at the helm of an Interceptor and have to fly through an asteroid belt and mark key targets for the fleet. This basically involves darting in and dropping spy drones on them. When you mark a target, Long Range frigates will blast it to ash. This one is more about learning to use the Recon’s special abilities.


Mission 3 - Hold the Line.

You are given a Long Range Frigate. The mission has you moving from beacon to beacon and laying down suppressing fire. You have a few AI allies who will protect you as you snipe. This is all about teaching LR pilots how to do something useful, rather than sitting in the Spawn.


You could go on and on with this, ultimately granting missions that aren’t Tutorials, but single-player PvE missions where you can bring whatever ships you like.

^ This is good. But I was thinking of more of an expansive campaign where up to 4 players can fight through levels with different objectives and requirements to reach an end boss, like most games.

While i am the last person to care about any single player campaigns in absolutely any game, i think having coop PvE missions tight up together and scripted to create a sense of progression would not be too much of a wasted effort in same time you can release them as separate missions as it is right now. At this stage it looks like all PvE missions are more of temporary solutions for extra content for players, they require no skill to complete no fun to fly. 


But in a same time main selling point of this game is PvP and i would prefer all the resources thrown at broadening PvP content

+1 xKostyan, I want more PvP content before we get additional PvE content.

Old spice or “Saber01” doesnt play this game. He plays Star Conflict Forums Jockey. Always on the forums yet never in game other than to watch the AI ships in the hanger get more action then him in the game.

Old spice or “Saber01” doesnt play this game. He plays Star Conflict Forums Jockey. Always on the forums yet never in game other than to watch the AI ships in the hanger get more action then him in the game.

And this is relative to the thread because…?


Go troll somewhere else.