Fuel splitter passive module

Name: Fuel Tank/Fuel Splitter

Type: Passive Capacitor Modifier

Tooltip: Adds a separate bar for afterburners and Modules, at the cost of 5% energy regeneration.

Function: Splits energy reserves in to separate bars. One is drawn from for afterburners, one is drawn from for modules. This would make sprinters much more reliable and versatile, but the energy regeneration cost would keep them from going max speed for too long. Hence; “sprinter”.

I have no idea what you just described.

2 separate bars for afterburner energy and module energy.

I don’t seee the point.


More details required.  Maybe some numbers as an example

2 separate bars for afterburner energy and module energy.

Problem - after gate jumps, afterburners probably account for the majority of energy use in invasion. Unless you want additional fuel for modules, all this mod is going to do is make you run out of engine fuel faster.

Problem - mechanics for this are left completely undescribed. How do you fuel your engines? How do you fuel your modules? How does this stack? What does it do in PvP?

Problem - why would you want to do this anyways? Modules don’t take as much energy as you might think (if you have a tackler using both toggle actives, it’ll account for around 50% of your energy use for that period of time, assuming still using afterburners).