I once wrote the support a long mail and I was asked to write it down again in the forum so I considered to do it.


All wich is written is my OWN oppinion and no offence nor acting as a troll to “correct” others. Please keep this in mind.






First off the fregates are too small in my oppinion.

I read at the forum somebody said thy might should get renamed to corvetes. I would fully back this oppinion.



Lack of support possibilities.

A support-fregate might be “nice”. A ship where 1-2 fighters at once can dock to and get new rockets (not for free) or repairs (free).



Sometimes there too many fregates. Specialy if people sniper with them.

Limit the XP of all fregat captains (like 1/5 less XP or more then normal).

3 Fregates for a team should ALWAYS do the job…


Weapon power is not efficent enought.

Fregats are slow, badly to manouver… this is OK!

But their weapons should make more damadge. Not the “sniper weapon” or the guided missle.

I am talking about the usual weapons for self defence…


There too few slots!

I OWN A xxxx FREGATE… and I can plug in as much addons like what? a fighter…?!

If you consider to put fregates more into the support range (maybe a RADAR module or so wich enhances the range of spotted enemies!) would be nice.


In missions where you need to kill the comander you easily spot this scenarios: Commander is waiting, some people cover him… in fact it is (for me) boring.


In the real military in a navy fleet the ship with the commander is leading of course.

But other ships take over it’s radar actions so an enemy does not clearly pinpoint the commanding ship easily. Such moduls cost simply storage space… so a small boat is unlikely to take over this role.

Could you maybe implement “such a module” intot he game for fregates?


Ask around… each military uses this strategy for it’s fleets.


So if such a module is loaded by a fregate (wich would make sense if fregates have more slots) either the commander and this fregate sends out a “command signal” or the signal is jumping.



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This is space son no, uboot online ok wel maybe its titanic online

But if you look closer to your modules(t3) and implants you might find something like your radar

Only for long range frigs tho the module

Hell no, no more damage for friggin frigates xxxx em

I dont know how you roll your frig but sounds like your doing it wrong

if you want less frigate per game


buffing its damage is the way to go :facepalm:

Your idea of frigates and the game’s concept of frigates are vastly different. All your suggestions except the first one apply to your idea of a heavy, large, slow, powerful, rare ship many times as large as the fighters.


In the game, a frigate is, at best, 2x as big as a fighter, and has comparable stats. In the game, “frigate” means “slightly fatter than your average fighter”.

Your suggestions don’t really make sense for the frigates as they are in-game… Heck, you suggestions would make more sense for the upcoming corporation battleships!

To use your own terminology… realize this: This game has no frigates. It only has corvettes called by an f-name. Temper your suggestions with that in mind. Corvettes.

Rehashing a number of ideas that have already been discussed and panned.

* “Bigger is better” is a terrible idea in a game where ship value doesn’t have any meaning in combat. It would simply mean everyone would fly bigger ships.

* We already have support frigates. Docking for repair is redundant.

* Replenishing ammo is a bad idea. The game is balanced around limited missiles. Changing that dynamic would require massive rebalancing for no improvement in game play.


And really, what is with all the bitching about the term “frigate”? You arrive on the scene using your faster than light drive then fly around in space using fluid dynamics physics while shooting plasma guns at each other… But calling corvettes frigates is too unrealistic for you?

I noticed that the Federation doesn’t have any long range frigates.

I noticed that the Federation doesn’t have any long range frigates.

What’s your point?