Frigates and their guns

Ok, since apparently it was deemed too overpowered for frigates to have a 360 degree arc of fire (in my opinion that makes no sense considering you really cant MISS them…)  


I would suggest adding another type of larger ship.


Assault/heavy frigate.   Functions as a command type ship that is slower than current frigates, packing 10 guns, but only 6 firing foward, the optimal angle being broadside.  This enables the thing to be able to be outmanuvered as its rear would still be vulnerable to lighter craft, yet adds strategy for the use of said firepower in a supporting role.  Its size would also make it easy to hit, so higher HP/SH than a lighter frigate would be expected.


Ideas for faction abilities: 


Empire:  Torpedo spread.  basically a energy missle spread with very low guidance, for long range bombardment, fitting in with their intended combat role.


Federation:  Drone blitz.  6 combat drones surround the ship and intercept any incoming missle attacks every X amount of time, similar to the armada drones.


Jerhico:  EMP bomb, similar to the interceptor ability but long range, torpedo has to be manually guided in.



No offense, but all I see is a “I wana own some nubs” ship. People have been discussing bigger ships in other sections, don’t know if this method would work, but try posting suggestions threads in suggestions, easier to find for some people :slight_smile:

Ah you misunderstand.  This ship would be just as vulnerable to getting behind it as a frigate would be, but would reward keeping them in your broadside.  Basically picture 6 guns foward, 8 broadside, but 1-2 backwards similar to existing frigates.


I posted this here because it has to do with weapon # on a ship and the use of such, so i figured weapons was a more appropriate topic.  Keep in mind this wouldent be a destroyer or cruiser, picture a frigate with an extended hull with more guns and armor bolted on, fitting for our mercenary nature.