Frigate Types

I like playing as frigate but i seemd to notic ethat people are using them like snpiers instead of anti-fighter ships liek real frigates are. Perhaps Revamping the Frigate to have auto fire turrets on the side would encouge mor eplayers to go and us efrigates to support their fighters instea dof waiitng behind and being snipers.

Any other ideas?

The Armada frigates got Auto Turrets as Class Module so other frigates wont get this.

Yeah bonk, I dislike the desintegrators too, I feel they ruin the gameplay - but the devs like them so they won’t remove them - they buffed them in the recent patch so it makes me even more upset because those cheap weapons were already strong enough to kill my ships in FOUR HITS, now they can probably one shot kill me so just forget this game.

You aren’t suppose to unbalance the game, grrr why does nothing in this stupid existence ever make sense.

Bonkfire, I notice players are using them as snipers, which isn’t necessarily bad. I think the problem is the smaller ships don’t stand much chance when trying to flank them or if they’re being fired down by them. The survivability seems a little off, so it becomes blobs of frigates sniping each other

Imo the guided missiles of the Jericho Frigates are way more op than the desintegrators.

Imo the guided missiles of the Jericho Frigates are way more op than the desintegrators.

Yeah but that is a new addition, the desints have been in the game for awhile now.

They really need nerfed or redesigned so that they aren’t just a point and click “I win” weapon.

I would say make the desint have a higher reload time/recharge time and give it high energy use. It is a laser weapon after all and firing a chunk of energy across a long distance should take a large amount of energy.

That would balance it out, as is now it does too much damage for how quickly it fires and from what I have seen it doesn’t take enough energy. Might also want to add a wobble to the desints shot so that where they aim isn’t exactly where they will hit, space isn’t just one empty box - there are different fields of gravity that can have affect on something like a chunk of energy fired from a desint.

As for the jericho weapons, you balance in the same manner - it is just about getting the timing of the weapon lined up with the damage and energy use, and if the weapon is still overpowered in that condition that is when you add a stipulation onto the weapon, like variations in it’s flight path so that it isn’t so easy to use (and if that makes it more difficult to use you increase the damage).

Pretty easy to do, I’ve balanced weapons in mods that I have made for games, for years.