Frigate Pulsar Module needs Nerf

At present, the Frigate Pulsar Module is unaffected by stealth and cover. I don’t know if this is intended, but it just feels wrong. I’ve tried escaping frigates with this module by cloaking or hiding behind asteroids on many occasions. The module has no problem tagging me and pulling me out of cloak or shooting straight through my cover.


I’ve been in several beacon capture matches now where the enemy team has wiped the floor with our interceptors because they had one or more frigates with pulsar modules that would camp the beacons.


I would like to suggest that the Frigate Pulsar Module be re-worked so that it is a line-of-sight module that cannot hit targets in cover and cannot track targets in cloak.

Working as intended.

And it does not need nerf. It’s annoying, but it’s not OP.

At the moment it is working as intended, but if needed, it may be changed to hit only ships in sight.