Frigate - Debuff modules.

Yeah, i was thinking about some modules that affect the resistances of the incoming enemy around 1-2 km, such as weakness to thermal or etc, it’s like weapon damage decreaser or the thruster blocker, but it decreases the enemy’s resistance to 1 type of damage in a radius, maybe techs can have a module that decreases the enemy’s resistance to kinetic while the armada can have one which decreases em resistance. So this is my suggestion, hope it gets implemented or tried at least, as this is beta, and also frigates dont get so much help even they are the support for the team, so maybe they can get some importance in the meantime.

fighters have target painter - it reduces all resistances on 1 ship - range is decent also - almost 3 km - i think its more than enough weakening. If what you suggest would have then poor little interceptors wouldn’t have any chance closing in on frigs.