Friendship Removal only in Friends-List, not in Squad PopUp Menu

Simple. If you try to kick one member of the Squad, because he wen’t offline or said good night, people often have an awkward moment of getting a new friendship request.


Managing your friends-list should be part of your friends-list only, which has it’s designated button. While adding a random guy in your squad to your friends list is a nice option in that pop up menu - so it definitely makes sense there - removing friends in the menu to manage your squad is misplaced. It should be only accessible via friends-menu.


No, having a question pop up, asking you if you want to proceed is not enough. Apparently.


Such things only happen to me once, but certain people seem to repeat the mistake of ending friendships every now and then makes me feel, this would be a logical step.


Any counterthoughts? Would anybody miss that option there?


You could introduce a clSetting to enable remove friendslist submenu in squad menus, for people who really really need that there, too.