Free Aim

When your crosshair gets to a certain point to the edge of your screen you have to lift your mouse and move it to that certain point again to keep rotating the view. Please make it so that when your crosshair gets to that certain point it rotates view automatically.

Also create the option to toggle or hold Free Aim. It’s annoying having to keep holding the Free Aim button.

The above suggestions are for Ease of Use.

I think the first point is to create weak spot on every ship.

Second point : Even if I don’t use it, I have to agree.

Free aim toggle, please. +1


Edit: Honestly, this has been suggested so many times, I’m losing hope in some of these suggestions getting actually implemented.

But why you guys use free aim ?

Shoot EM torp while running away…

First option is ideal for frigs, free aim alone just don’t cut it.


Why have the abilty to shoot all around upper half of ship, but not allow movement at same time (free aim disables mouse movement method)


It would be better to allow camera to move in the full gun arc, and ship will try take the shortest rotation to try centralise