Free aim in Expert mode could be...

Hello :smiley:


As a main tackler with a high speed, I really like to fly in Expert mode… but i miss the basic mode because i cannot shoot behind me :frowning:


Can you add whether the possibility to toggle Expert/Basic in game (key) or can you modify the free aim in expert mode to be able to shoot like in basic?


Thank you :slight_smile:

I agree. Being able to toggle between the modes is essential if you don’t like Basic, yet you need a larger perspective for your guns.


Having free aim work in Expert exactly as it works in Basic would make things even more interesting, and I think more fair, since Basic, as things currently stand, is just better in most situations.



Just a tip, the turn left, right, up, and down keys are wonderful things. You can aim your guns in one place and have your ship move somewhere else. Not quite the same as free aim, but it works just as well, if not better.

As a tackler, my goal is to eliminate interceptors… but they are turning around me (even slowed), it’s not possible to aim correctly with Expert mode :S (and I use a railgun!)

Using the turning keys wont help in that situation, sorry :slight_smile: (and i have no more place for keybind D: )


I still prefer using Expert because it allows you to control your ship better (and to not face a rock in a weird situation \o/ ).

Such a change is not planned for now.