Frankenstein Beam



While the owner of Planetary Dynamics was gathering information on new crystal growth in Leviathan, he rounded a pillar and there was a Defiler waiting for him on the other side. Upon his almost instantaneous destruction, he activated a duplicator call and sat back as he watched his ship reassembled, then warped to the location of his destroyed one. While watching this, he realised that duplicators held a terrifying potential that had yet to be looked in to. He gathered up several hundred of them and went to work in his personal laboratory. After days upon days of work, he walked out with four massive weapons. Upon mounting them and powering them up, an eerie blue glow spread throughout them. Upon field testing, he was amazed by their efficacy. They could completely resurrect destroyed ships if concentrated on their wreckage! This doscovery was not about to go untold, so the Planetary Dynamics owner quickly wrote up a blueprint, copied it, and sold it for 9.551 trillion credits on the black market. Needless to say, he retired rich.


Name: Frankenstein Beam

Type: Engineering Frigate primary weapon

Ranks: 9-15

Damage: 1,750 EM/s

Maximum range: 3,250m

Critical chance: 25%

Critical bonus: 30%

Heat: 10/5 seconds

Resurrection time: 10 seconds

Tooltip: A short-range EM beam with duplicator properties. After hitting a ship’s wreck for 10 seconds without interruption, the ship is reconstructed completely and can be controlled like a drone for 60 seconds. Resurrection requires 700 energy to complete.



Name: Frankenstein Module

Type: Engineer/Command Active Module

Ranks: 9-15

Recharge: 90s

Energy: all

Maximum range: 750m

Special effect: Allows user to lock on to ship debris.

Time to resurrection: 15s

Tooltip: A module developed with Duplicator technology that allows the user to rebuild any destroyed ship. The ship is controlled by AI and has a 50% reduced damage output. All modules still function.

Could be fun to have this. Maybe the resurrected ships should deal 50% less damage and have 50% less survivability from the original and crew could also be disabled.


This weapon reminds me of an old concept about the remote reviving of friendly ships in pve. This would also be useful. It could be a premium engineer special module.    

Can it stitch ships together?  ![:00:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/00.png “:00:”)

Revive destroyers, become a necromancer…

Holoships for engineers,but they deal damage with the main weapon,I think Eclipse is enough for a special weapon,better make it a special module instead,probably for Mammoth’s rework since Brokk is the only Imperial premium engi and I suppose it doesn’t need a rework,so one of the Fed prem engis could use it.

I could be a necromecronmancer!

Reviving is one thing, turning it into a drone is… a lot. Even if an AI controlled it.

Would need more balance. Maybe no use of modules, weapon damage reduction, something like that…

Of course it would need lots of fine-tuning, but it still seems like a super cool concept.

I guess it would probably make a better module than a weapon too. Idk. I’ll put down a module description and see which one people like better.