Forums are sad(der)

Why is this site now formatted worse than an early 2000’s message board and look like a closed alpha discussion for an indie game?

Good god, if you want to quit your job IT guy then just resign, don’t put the rest of us through this fresh hell.
I now can’t:
a) Actually know what was posted when
b) Filter out unecessary topics I don’t need to see
c) You sync’d all the spam.
d) Why.

Roll this back please.


they messed up the game and they messed up the forum xD :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:

yes, hard to find again all we found so easy… but maybe we become too old XD
lets try, don’t think it will be so difficult :slight_smile: or if yes, dev are maybe too old too XD

We went from using BBcode (the square brackets for formatting) to just pressing a button for formatting back to BBcode.
On top of that, now categories are gone so new users are presented with a flood of information based purely on what post had the most recent activity while the old system told users:

  • What each category contained
  • What was posted there
  • When it was posted there

While I agree with the op, I think the colors used are actually good. So they should go back to the previous interface & use this new color theme instead of the bright old one.Also I think they’re trying to copy reddit with this current interface.

Honestly I have to agree, but please keep in mind the old rules regarding post content still apply to the new look. Though they did make it really easy for mods to fix that in this version lol.

I honestly think that there was a conflict of interest between licensing parties or possibly a funding issue that made it so that they could no longer use the old platform. This new platform is obviously a freebie, and a rush job at that, so I would imagine that there is a “stage 3” in the works currently.

Have a little faith, the devs are stretched thin and things are a bit messy currently. :wink:

What faith?
There’s been less and less communication over the years, with even developer blogs basically being thrown out the window.
Patch notes are always incomplete.
Some ingame stats are purposefully falsified.
Patch discussions don’t even exist anymore. Incase I have to remind you, I opened the last patch discussion three updates ago because several weeks passed without developer/CM intervention.
We aren’t told about outages, we aren’t told about delays, we hear nothing about the developer’s situation in the event of delays, server hiccups and so on.
We weren’t told at all about the forums being migrated to a new system.
Patch notes and discussion were tossed into the void because the migration was done so long ago.

I don’t know about others but there is no good will from me anymore.

Some ingame stats are purposefully falsified.

I’m curious about this, which ones? Do you think the dev’s are abandoning the game to the point the servers are gonna close?(Problem is, there are no other games like this one)
The only thing I can say is, the Support team reacted quickly when I needed it.

We weren’t told at all about the forums being migrated to a new system.

They knew we wouldn’t like it :sweat_smile: & even if it was a rush job because of a license expiring soon, they should have warned us(I’d have no problem understanding this, I just prefer to be warned before)

Fort-4 Beam width and DoT application time are currently falsified.
Beam width was reduced to 16m a month or so ago and the DoT application time was raised from 0.35 to 0.4 seconds.

Star Conflict has been on life support for several years.
This translates to the game receieves minimal content while still retaining heavy monetisation - bringing maximum profit for minimal loss. They won’t shut it down for a while but with the state of the world I doubt even that will hold true.

Well, I lost it some time ago. Personally I played SC for PvE content, so PvE, vs AI, OS. I never enjoyed PvP that much.

PvE in my eyes was ruined by Insignias and chips. Now you are either carrying or getting carried. Or getting stomped when high mission level player had his/her level increased drastically in 4 ppl squad and has no clue what to do alone. Or doing 1lvl mission because you got 4lvl player in the team. The challenge of PvE is long gone. PvE needs to be rebuilt from scratch but tons of people who paid GS for insignias or grinded them hard wouldn’t be happy.
Vs AI always had massive flaws but at least it was fun(at least for me) bringing a team of newbies to victory almost alone. Since chips it become boring as hell. Addition of chips to AI just makes players prioritize longer range weapons and range increasing chips.
OS because of chips is also boring as hell. No, destroyer bosses with massive health pool aren’t fun.
Chips need to be nerfed by a ton to the point that all 5 chips provide a maximum bonus of ~3 passive modules or are sidegrades for the ship like blue chip bonuses. But again, tons of people spent tons of time to grind them so I doubt SC devs have balls to make a change like that.

And also, the game doesn’t have a sense for new players. Timed exclusive content only available later for GS. Focusing on endgame ships only. The new player retention doesn’t exist because they have only grind.

So in the end I don’t have a faith that devs will fix issues they created in the first place. I’m only doing enough OS missions and two vs AI battles to get xenochips but lately I don’t have a motivation to do even that.

At least the game isn’t heavily p2w right?(I was playing a game called combat arms, after being bought by valofe, they’ve brought back loot boxes with the permanent legendary weapons being the rarest item to get, obviously I haven’t spend a single penny in these p2w lootboxes)
You can only spend money to save time, or you can buy battle pass to get cosmetics & wasted seed chips(thanks to storage space) .

Although I have two things to say about the battle pass:
-I don’t know how they have implemented this but if you buy two battle passes at once, you’ll only be able to use the free premium ship/ressources pack only once instead of twice
.-They give you a special task each days which rewards you 70 GS. Nice but there is a catch, if you just miss one day, 70 GS have been wasted away. I think they should turn this into a bonus, for example: You win 20 GS each times you win a battle, only for 105 battles. This way you get a total of 2100 GS, the same as getting 70 GS for 30 consecutive days.

This is change seems like the game is running out of money

It’s slightly worse than P2W. It’s kind of the old problem Warframe had in it’s earlier years… we’re event2win. Long time players who have attended most launches and updates have a significant advantage over newer players both in how much effort it took to progress, equipment they have access to and more.

If you’ve just picked up the game the only way to get on par with a veteran is to pay.

anyway, clic on “categories” and you ll find all (almost) as before :slight_smile:

Because of the Vbulletin FavIcon , I’ve checked the price on the Vbulletin website
& as you can see, the prices aren’t that high, you only have to pay approximatively 250$ once, or you can buy the cloud version which costs only 20$ per months., so they mut be running really low on money if they can’t afford this. But I think they just wanted to try something else.

Though warframe has the prime vault which means items aren’t only event-locked, they’re also vault locked :ghost:.

Talking about events, Halo MCC has done something good, once a new season starts, you can still spend point to get rewards from the previous seasons, which means all rewards from previous seasons are always available.

eveonline style forums. Bleah throwing up.
Was this really necessary? Or should it be seen as a ‘nerf’?