Fog effects togglebox in options.

Could an option to toggle the fog/mist effects on/off be added in the graphical options of the game?


Alternative would be somehow optimizing that fog so it’s not so GPU overloading.

They drop the FPS on most graphics low level cards to under 20 FPS. Not acceptable. Makes the game basically unplayable on the maps using that effect.

(An example of that map is that one which is tube-like, with lots of rooms and tunnels inside.

I dont know about you but 13 FPS and 700 ping on a Russian server is good enough for me. DOW went into a 2 man squad in T3 yesterday and we chose US as “preferred server”. Every single time, no lie, the queue got us a match in under 5 minutes. But guess what. It was a Russia server every single time.

For me, 30 FPS in games tends to be enough, but in this case, where the game is fast-paced. I simply can’t handle when the game drops under 20 FPS.

20 is the top my machine seems to reach (checked using Fraps). The usual FPS I get is between 5 and 15. Specially when shots start to fly around.


And this, only happens wherever the fog effect is in the maps.


This is something completely aesthetic, yet breaks the game, it should either be toggleable or less hardware-stressing.

Where is the fog located? I never seen any fog.

I got a constant 60fps no matter the map myself.

“An example of that map is that one which is tube-like, with lots of rooms and tunnels inside.”


It’s some kind of blue-ish nebula/smoke/fog effect, which, in this case, covers the whole map.


I just noticed an update has been released just now… while typing this. I guess I’ll give it a check to see how does the game handle now.

This is a sample screenshot.


The effect is almost not noticeable by eye, yet it seems to be causing a huge FPS drop in low-end machines.