Flexibility Vs. Effectiveness

The recent patch separates modules into roles which cannot be acquired for any other ship except for those belonging to that specific role. What I would like to suggest is to allow modules of all roles to be available for any role of ship. However, I would like to also suggest that there be a downside from using modules of different roles onto such ships.


A downside, or ‘drawback’ is usually a form to balance out flexibility by giving a negative effect on using customizable on a platform designed to function differently. In games usually there is a limiting factor that reduces the effect of being flexible the more you attempt to play something as so.


Let us take EvE online, which is quite related to this game. In EvE online there are roles and class, there is actually no restrictions on what modules you may put on a ship. Meaning you can put a module that is for a large ship onto a smaller ship. However there are consequences from doing this. When Fitting a ship there are 4 factors to think about. Module type, CPU, Energy, and power consumption. Types being for slots, CPU and energy being points, and power must be kept at stable levels or else the ship will not be as effective. Certain roles give out bonuses to module effectiveness just for that role.


Now what does that have to do with this game? Well As I stated before, the modules within the class should be used by any of the roles. However the modules not designed for a role would be more taxing on the energy than modules of that role. That being said it limits how flexible a ship can be but still grants such an element but still leaves the role effectiveness in play. Increasing the energy cost of modules while granting bonuses given to every ship that reduces the energy cost of modules for that role will allow for minor flexible play but still give a ‘drawback’ to the player using that ship.


Modules of higher mark would be more taxing on energy so at times it might be not even be used on different roles. Modules designed for other roles might not be useful without the need to focus on using passives, mods, or modules to boost energy regain/cap to keep it functional on the ship its being used on. So unlike the complex EvE system, all that is needed to be aware of is the energy consumption and requirement your reserves give out to use active modules.

I already touched on this several times. While I understand from a dev point of view why they want roles on the field. So that people play as specialists, but the thing is that without any ability to be a hybrid or be flexible with modules you can be completely useless when certain situations arise, yet you are the only one in position to engage.


some of the ‘hybrid’ solutions I’ve given.


Make roles use their “role” modules function from 1.5x (50% increase) to 2.5 times better (150%) of course balancing issues will have to fine tune each module to each role.


Some modules for roles are EXLUSIVE to that role and cannot be used on other role types.


Equipping modules NOT of your role function 25% less efficient and require 25% more energy to use, Restoration and Survival modules excluded.


Create a new Type of ship that fills the tech tree called “Multi-Role” ship, this ship can equip MANY modules, but they function at their listed stats (no bonus or penalty) and cannot equip ALL modules from other roles, about 1/2 of the modules from all the other roles. Because of the extra technologies required to make the craft compatible with a wide range of modules shield and hull strength is about 10% weaker than ‘pure’ Role ships.


Optional suggestion that Multi Role craft also have the unique ability to change specials (which I find locking specials is defunct as of 0.8 patch since they are no longer faction locked, so might as well treat them like modules)