Fleet Upgrade: Destroyer

While destroyers remain the most expensive yet least survivable ships in the game, I believe it is time for them to get a make-over like all the other ships.


To start, they need universal module slots.

What I mean by this is that in addition to their 4 main destructible turrets, they need to be able to equip 4-6 extra small active modules to use keybinds 5,6,7,8,9,0. Such items would be scaled identical to other ships, so shield booster would heal more, repair kit would heal more, flares would shoot a single flare straight out to draw away missiles. And some minor modules like a mini repulser or tiny PD Turrets. More variety in modules would be nice. And since they are so massive, it makes complete sense that they should be able to use any class modules. Though this would need restrictions for balance reasons, this should be implemented to some degree to allow variations of the destroyer itself. Since it is one class with no roles, this would allow it to act as a support ship, or attack ship, or guard, etc. Versatility is key.


It also should have more than two secondary weapon choices. You have currently self-defense or self-heal. There is no support wepaon or missiles or anything. I suggest adding a sort of secondary beam that works like energy converter, but with standardized damage instead counterattack damage. It would constantly fire as long as the secondary mouse is held, and consume massive amounts of energy. Best for cqc. They also could benefit from NOT NEEDING TO BUY PARTS FROM SCAM ARTISTS ON THE MARKET. Instead, each part should be crafted in the workshop. All players should need is the blueprint for the main turret or item.


Destroyers could also use some balance in PvE VS PvP. So basically I’m thinking that in PvP, they should not have a nearby enemy damage vulnerability, but in PvE they should, at around 1,500m or maybe more. But only 25-50% increase.

Right now destroyers are useless in PvP and carry in PvE so this makes sense.




Any other ideas? For modules?

Also @devs when are we gonna get that massive main-turret railgun?

We need the existing weapons and modules, albeit maybe a weaker version of them, with credits plus removal of area in both pvp and pve imo. Just nerf survivability by % 25 in that case.

The destroyer ship class was kind of a scaled frigate in mind: maybe that’s the problem. Give new huge ship class more tank and DPS (damage per second) is inherently a unbalancing factor in the game. Give them specialities instead would be better, and: reform the reward per kills towards rewards per group play, assistance and auxiliary efforts