Flares change not positive.

I’ve done a half dozen matches (Since the Flare Change) in my T2 Templar AE now.  More than half my torpedos are being shot down with flares.


Lets try to put this in perspective:


Yesterdays Balance:


Torpedos would never one shot a shielded target.  A target must have its shields down already (and some hull damage) before a torpedo finishes it off.

When the torpedo gets semi-close you get an audible “Incoming Missile” which gives you a heads up to hit the afterburners and take cover.

Relatively long cooldown between shots.



Todays Balance:


All that, plus everyone can just drop a flare and completely negate your torpedo.



Isnt this a little excessive?  This change *just* happened, and I am easily losing half my torpedos…  Which means I bet not everyone has changed equipment yet.  I’m guessing the flare situation is going to get worse.  An entire line of ships is negated by one common item.  And those ships are indeed negated as they are balanced assuming they *have* the guided torpedo.  When its removed, the ships are no longer balanced.

Guided Missile do not get shot down by IR-Flares… they get shot down by ECM


IR-Flares are blcoking control and visuals of the guided missiles for a few seconds

Okay, Is the ECM thing something they added today?  Maybe thats what they are using, but starting today more guided torpedos dont even make it to their destination than those that do…  :confused:

Not trying to call anyone out, but according to the patch notes:


* Infrared flares now also affect torpedoes, launched by Jericho frigates.


Infrared flares = IR-Flares.

Unless (like the missile/rocket misnaming) the flares aren’t properly named. I haven’t used my Jericho frigate yet today, but I was thinking the same thing when I read the patch notes that xilr mentioned.

nerf isn’t as bad as u can thought, just a few seconds lost control on the torpedo, like a jamming in the control system.


maybe u are new in the t2 or t3, frigates use ECM to take down torpedos since closed beta.

After my last post, I spent some time in my T2 Frigate and noticed that all it really does is blind you for a little bit. Nothing really crazy.

Well it just started happening to me today that literally half of the torpedos I launch just abruptly stop and do nothing (no explosion-cam afterwards).  This began right after the patch