Flankarang [Weapon]

Name: Flankarang (Flanking boomerang)

Type: Primary Weapon

Ranks: 6-15

Damage: 1,350 EM

RoF: 120 shots/min

Maximum range: 4,950m

Projectile speed: 2,425m/s

Overheating/cooling: 10/2

Tooltip: A two-mode weapon. Fires crescent charges at a 40-80deg parabola to the left or right of the ship, in order to hit enemies behind obstacles. Single-click to switch from left to right flank mode. Hold click to fire normally. The maximum range will automatically be set to the distance of the locked target, and the angle will be adjusted as well.

Genius! I want one.

10 hours ago, theNoob said:

Genius! I want one.

Me too!


I really like concept. Does it track the target once fired?


IMO, a more interesting mechanic would tie the angle of fire to the horizontal plane relative to the ship.