Fix Matchmaking

Skill based matchmaking and team balancing. Do it.


I’m still not investing a cent in this until you people fix it, and this issue has needed to be addressed since I’ve had an account. Similar to the PVE issues, where-in you cannot finish without a proper team period, screwing over people with disconnected players or unskilled rookies with low tier unoutfitted ships.


Fix that too please.


I’d be more than happy to spend money on your wonderful product, if you fix it. So fix it.

Endless parade of people bitching about this no doubt.

There are more topics like this no doubt.

Consider this new one an annoying and apparently nessisary reminder to fix it.

Ok, but what exactly is broken? What is your suggestion to fix that?

I got probably way over 7500 hours in this game and I write a lot on the forum. I got over 2350 posts, including suggestions, bug-fixes and so on.


Problem is that developers which used to give me feedback, do not care anmyore. They do not even respond. At first, things started to look better, but now they go down fast.

Lost interest and momentum isn’t a good sign, ever.

I know that they are busy and I am not unreasonable, but when you wait for some time and get ignored, even if they tell you, that it will be done, or that it will be fixed, it gets old real fast.

Broken promises, more than once or twice. When this happens, they lose credibility.


You’re right… This forum is full of such things. It is a simple and easy thing to do. If PvE and Sector Conquest already have some restrictions for that, PvP should also have it as well.

It is already known, all of this, but most likely nothing will be done. Pattern repeats like a broken record.


With that in mind, I will wait until a new year. If this so called trend continues, I will make a full, objective and credible review about Star Conflict with all good and bad things and it will spread everywhere where it can!

In short, I won’t hold back and I will write the full truth about this game and the current situation.


People had it! We are losing veterans and hardcore players! It is time, that we finish this, once and for all!

Ok, but what exactly is broken? What is your suggestion to fix that?

Check suggestions and threads.

People with 1 ship queue in T4/T5 and MM allows it in PvP.

Please use the search function, there are already equal topics.